Mobile Phone Security Detection

Mobile Phone Security Detection
Taipei, Taiwan - Nov 18, 2016 - We offer customized phone detector for professional users.

There are many 4G LTE network frequency in the market, each country use different band, your smart phone can work in your country but not in another one. You can learn more 4G LTE band here:

According to professional TSCM expert's comments they really need a portable, effective and able to precise detect a short message, therefore we designed the Portable mobile phone detector which can simultaneous scanning of GMS, 3G & 4G bands for Counter Surveillance experts who has well experienced in RF detection, debug and electronic counter measures.

A handheld device has limited space for battery, to maximize the operation time; we offer customize frequency (very precise up link band) instead of universal detector to save the power and a mechanism size.

The smart phone, smart swatch users are growing around the world, the Handheld 4G LTE mobile phone detector not only can help government but also the company to identify the frequency band and location whenever a cell phone or spy bug is being used in the sensitivity area .

The customized 4G LTE 3G cell phone detector is a tool to implement the mobile phone security, phone detector can prevent, detect mobile phone used in hospitals, exams, churches, private meeting, office buildings, prisons, caisson and place where a phone call is forbidden.

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