The BATS Demonstration Centre: headlong into defence and security cutting-edge technology

Liege, Belgium - Apr 9, 2009 - On 4 December 2008, BATS (Belgian Advanced Technology Systems) opens its Demonstration Centre at the Sart Tilman Science Park. This remarkable innovation is the result of our many years' expertise and know-how gained from protecting the public and private sectors…

Combining human intelligence and cutting-edge technologies, BATS has chosen to go even further in its range of services and to prove that it is the European leader when it comes to securing infrastructures (ports, airports, stations, institutional entities…) and supplying the systems to allow the prevention and control of incidents during events (sports and others...)
In the presence of Ms. Marie Dominique Simonet Ministry of the Research, New Technologies and External relationships of the Walloon region, along with the highest Belgian civil and military authorities, BATS will unveil its new urban (Urban Security) and homeland (Homeland Security) security centre.
BATS will specifically offer political authorities the techniques, strategies and other resources needed to secure national frontiers and sensitive infrastructures.

Since it was established in 1984, BATS has designed highly sophisticated and efficient systems and tools. No small detail is overlooked. BATS leaves nothing up to chance. The company develops turnkey formulas to meet all its customers’ needs.

Using the most innovative technologies, BATS provides comprehensive solutions that combine operational concept, training, maintenance, safety advice and architectural definitions…. This new demonstration area will showcase these solutions that will revolutionise how the world approaches detection, surveillance and assistance.

Our society is under threat from smuggling, urban unrest, robbery and terrorists. Many dangers are lurking around us. Our homelands, our institutions, our companies and our homes are targets. How should we protect them? What systems are available to ensure they are safe?
The Liege Demonstration Centre invites you to discover them for yourself. From January 2009, it will be the place where all the demonstrations and simulations are held.

And the BATS Demonstration Centre, at the Sart Tilman Science Park, will be where it will all be happening.

BATS, a revolution in the world of surveillance and security.


Company Center: Belgian Advanced Technology Systems - B.A.T.S