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BATS was established in 1984 in Liege (Belgium) and since its creation has earned its reputation as a Leading European manufacturer of high quality, sophisticated electronics technology, serving the Defense industry. During the last years the company has diversified its activities into the civil sector, based on decades of expertise in complex systems such as Sensor Systems, surveillance and security systems, simulator units and integration of complex customized Systems. Bats co-operates with institutions and industrial groups in Europe and outside of Europe in research and development programs. As a Belgian company, BATS is an approved supplier from NATO and the European Commission. BATS Major Homeland Security (HLS) Business areas: · Border Security & Surveillance. · Costal and Harbor area Security and Management (VTMS) · Protection of Critical Infrastructure (Growth Capability – Urban Surveillance) BATS provides tailored operational solutions, to detect, locate and target terror, contraband, illegal immigration and other threat to public welfare, accurately in all weather conditions, 24/7. BATS Integrated Protection Systems are used for site protection such as chemical plants, nuclear plants, airports, ports, etc. BATS systems allow a full control of space time and spectrum and can be used for battlefield surveillance, border surveillance or other civil and Para-military applications.


SENSORS Ground Surveillance Radar (ancient site web) Advanced Coastal Surveillance Radar (ancient site web) MSW RADAR (ancient site web) Point Alert Defense Radar (ancient site web) Electro Optical Sensors Device (ancient site web) Acoustic/seismic Fences SYSTEMS Multisensors Command & ControlCommunication UAV’s (micro)VTMS Surveillance Vehicles Mobile Integrated Local Systems (MILS) (ancient site web)Ground Integrated Distributed Systems (GIDS) (ancient site web)Fixed Integrated Local Systems (FILS) (ancient site web)Maritimes Integrated Distributed Systems (MIDS) (ancient site web) URBAN SAFETY Urban Safety Systems Security management City Contingency Solution and Crisis Management Real-time Surveillance Network System for Urban Security Management of Access Control Biometric Technology and Perimeter Protection TV Surveillance & Alarm System Building Intelligence Urban Safety Products Visual sensors Licence plates Communications GPS Data Base management Call center Control rooms

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION PRODUCTS Cameras Radars Electro-optics Access control Inwards/outwards protection Perimeter sensors & fencing Command & control etc.


Site Survey Cost -effective solutions Bats offers its technical support from the early stage of each project. BATS performs a site survey and provides recommendation on how to most proficiently build an overall system providing a cost efficient solution, while meeting the technical and operational requirements in the specific domain. Program Management Leading companies and providing key solutions Applying modern computerized management techniques, BATS masters the management of complex industrial projects involving many partners and subcontractors. The company’s dynamic project management system guarantees coherence and transparency within the project team for timely delivery of high quality products and systems. System Engineering Managing complexity System development requires contribution from diverse technical disciplines. By providing a systems view of the development effort, BATS systems engineering capabilities help meld all the technical contributors into a unified team effort, forming a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to operation. Working at the forefront of technologies, BATS main goal is to apply a modern system engineering approach integrating many different techniques and components to achieve cost-effective and highly reliable solutions. System Integration and Installation Solutions for the full Life Cycle Bats System integration and installation team provides solutions to customer needs. Our recognized experience as system integrators, allows us to provide requirement analysis, testing, training and full maintenance. After Sales Service and Long Term Support Focus on Customer’s Support Bats guiding philosophy is that every phase of production, delivery and installation has to be in line with customers needs specification and schedule. BATS provides training to its customers and maintains long-term logistic support after sale. ILS Integrated logistic Support Full Commitment to customer satisfaction BATS Integrated Logistic Support ensures that the supportability of an equipment item is considered during its design and development. BATS ILS aim is to address all aspects of supportability during the acquisition and whole life cycle of the equipment. BATS ILS management process facilitates specification, design, development, acquisition, test, fielding, and support of systems. Software/hardware integration and system configuration BATS software integration and system configuration team has a proven experience in integrating custom software programs, proprietary software and legacy systems. Quality Assurance To enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of your systems BATS quality assurance team put in place a set of activities to ensure that products satisfy customer requirements. BATS QA process includes · efficient procedures to ensure that systems and products meet to the technical and operational requirements; · a set of activities designed to evaluate the process by which your system is developed or maintained.

BATS HOMELAND SECURITY DEMONSTRATION CENTER  Demonstration of fully functional Command and Control Center (CCC) with the capability of Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Development. • Detecting Targets by one or more sensors • Tracking Targets • “Slaving” of electro-optic sensors to radars • Defining Zones • Video management for debriefing and archiving – Management of Situational Awareness Picture – Development, Adaptations and Tailoring of Command and Control Center (C2) SW for Customer needs and Requirements. – Multi-Sensor HLS – Systems Integration and Test Capability – Training Center for Operations, Operators and Maintenance

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