Inmedius Introduces S1000DauthorPro XE

Pittsburgh, PA, United States - Aug 13, 2009 - Inmedius(r) Introduces S1000DauthorPro(tm) XE
Browser-Based & WYSIWYG S1000D(tm) Editor Significantly Lowers Cost of Ownership

Inmedius is pleased to announce the development of S1000DauthorPro(tm) XE, its robust S1000D(tm) browser-based, WYSIWYG editor that considerably lowers the cost of ownership. The software is based on Inmedius' acquisition of DITA Storm(tm), an intuitive environment in which to quickly and easily create and edit content; facilitating 100% browser-based authoring. Most significantly, the WYSIWYG technology allows for an entire new class of S1000D authors, which to this point have been excluded due to the complexity of the S1000D Specification.

"S1000DauthorPro XE will significantly change the work environment for S1000D authors," stated Gary Schaffer, Inmedius President and CEO, Inmedius, Inc. "AuthorPro XE will markedly improve an organization's ability to adopt the S1000D Specification by decreasing the barriers of implementation through its ease of use and lower operating costs. No longer will organizations have to purchase an additional editing tool, like Arbortext(r) Editor(tm) or Adobe(r) Framemaker(r). With AuthorPro XE, all the functionality needed to be a successful S1000D author is included in one comprehensive software package. It's easier to use than a traditional XML editor, yet gives complete control to the author should they wish to edit XML content. As an integrated solution, the authoring platform will be included in our management system, becoming one and the same. "

The AuthorPro XE editing solution can be integrated with Inmedius S1000Dmanager(tm) v3.2 and above. S1000DauthorPro and S1000Dmanager are two of seven modules in the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite(tm), a fully integrated solution set, supporting the entire S1000D documentation lifecycle. The robust, yet easy to use software modules work together, integrating authoring through publishing.

"S1000DauthorPro XE delivers the easily deployable, browser-based capabilities that are expected for the Web-based environments our clients now require," explained Sean Rushing, Director of S1000D Products and Services, Inmedius, Inc. "With AuthorPro XE, authors can begin editing without the expense and delay of installing costly, proprietary software on the individual client. This allows new authors, at diverse sites, to quickly come up to speed and work on new projects without the need to deploy software on remote machines. It's a new, more efficient way of authoring in today's technological environment."

The game changing S1000D editor will be implemented at select Inmedius client sites within the next few weeks, with general release and deployment by some of the world's largest aerospace and defense companies by the end of October, 2009. S1000DauthorPro XE represents the first in a series of advanced editing technologies with the ability to handle complex XML data in user-friendly authoring environments.
Inmedius expects to launch an ATA commercial aviation authoring solution, based on the same technology, by year's end.

Inmedius will continue to sell and support the original S1000DauthorPro desktop editor. The sophisticated authoring solution for S1000D projects provides unparalleled ease of use for content authors, ensuring single or multiple projects are up and running quickly. Learn more and request a free trial at, or request a live demonstration of the new browser-based, WYSIWG version at

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