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4900 Perry Highway, Building II, 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
United States
+1 412-459-0310

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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, Inmedius is a leader of innovative, performance-oriented applications that capture, create, manage and deploy technical information. Integrating those assets with business processes, using state-of-the-art workflow and collaborative techniques, is an Inmedius hallmark. Unique in the industry, Inmedius provides an integrated ASD S1000D Publishing Suite, supporting documentation through its complete life cycle. With proven technical abilities and operational expertise, Inmedius provides numerous military programs software and services to maintain flight readiness, implement process and personnel controls, and more effectively deploy information assets. Based on that proven experience, Inmedius delivers powerful technical documentation solutions, serving military, defense and capital equipment intensive enterprises worldwide, enabling its clients to share an unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency.

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