The Israeli Start-Up, FavoWeb Chosen to Supply Unique Failure Management System for IDF

Tel Aviv, Israel - May 4, 2009 - The Israeli Start-Up, FavoWeb, Chosen to Supply Israel Defense Force with Unique System for Failures Management in Critical Systems (FRACAS)

The Israeli start-up, FavoWeb (, is executing a project for The Logistics and Technology Directorate of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), in conjunction with the depot center and the technological unit, to supply a unique system for failures management in critical systems for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Using FavoWeb will both improve and promote the technology in the IDF and will enable better military logistics operations in war and emergency periods.

The Logistics and Technology Directorate has decided to use FavoWeb as an organizational system that serves the entire maintenance disposition for performing reliability calculations.

Since most of the failures that are detected in tanks occur in the field, remote reporting is essential. In addition to the standard reporting method, technicians in different locations are reporting failures from the field via 150 PDAs, implementing mobile .NET technology using FavoWeb, thus minimizing the time to report and ensuring reliable and accurate failure reports.

The collected information is being analyzed by FavoWeb, giving a complete, accurate and updated real-time picture regarding the tools' condition and thus improving the availability and readiness of information that is crucial in times of war.

The Israeli start-up, FavoWeb, develops Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action Systems (FRACAS). FavoWeb was established in 2001 by Dr. Zigmund Bluvband as a subsidiary of A.L.D. Ltd. ( The Research and Development center is located in Tel-Aviv with sales and support agencies in the USA, France, Germany, Far East etc. The market size for FavoWeb systems is approximately 20 billion dollars and includes industries and organizations that are obligated by regulatory authorities, and by law, to report and analyze failures/ events (Quest – communication industry, FDA- food, drugs and tobacco industry, FAA –Aerospace industry etc').

Among FavoWeb's customers: Lockheed Martin (JSF Project), Engineering division of the commercial aircraft Group, IAI, ELTA Systems, Israel Nuclear Research Center, Astronautics, Selenia communications etc.

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