Shoghi's VSAT Monitoring System

India, India - Feb 2, 2018 - VSAT Monitoring system is a state-of-the-art product designed to meet the aspirations of our customers to enable them to intercept and process various VSAT networks and their terminals in an interactive manner. System can intercept and handles the proprietary protocols of iDirect Infiniti Series, iDirect NetModem, iDirect NetModem2, Hughes DirecWay, Hughes PES, Hughes TES, Gilat Dial@Way, Gilat Sky Star Advantage to provide Plain Voice, Fax, HTTP Pages, E-mails with attachment, downloaded files etc.

Features of VSAT Monitoring System

# Flexible configuration based on required VSAT networks of interest
# Integrated VSAT Communication Interception System for Legacy and New Age VSAT Networks available globally.
# C, Ku, Ka and L band satellite spectrum Automated Reconnaissance, Classification and Interception
# Capability to detect, identify and decode latest proprietary VSAT protocols using DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards.
# Comes Pre-Integrated with fully automated satellite spectrum surveillance capability for Detection, Identification, and Association of VSAT networks of interest
#Automated Classification and Correlation of VSAT hubs and respective terminals
#Ease of use operations and Interactive GUI enables operators to use the system to its Peak Value.
#Interception and Real-time decoding/reconstruction of VSAT Communication payload including VoIP, emails with attachments, web traffic with session parameters
#Integrated database and Centralized Storage for Long-term data retention
#Multiple Operator and Administrator Terminals using the client-server architecture
#Facility to integrate with advanced tools for speaker recognition, Language identification, and word spotting

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