Shoghi COMINT and SIGINT Capabilities

Himachal Pradesh, India - Jan 15, 2018 -
Communication Intelligence (COMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) have been the traditional means of intelligence gathering right from the dawn of the electronic era. Communication Intelligence or COMINT as it is popularly known, covers the general area for intelligence gathering from the monitoring of various forms of communication. Signal Intelligence or its popular acronym SIGINT has a much broader perspective with other means of intelligence like non-communication sources like Radars, imagery and many other forms also included in addition to Communication intelligence (COMINT).

Shoghi offers a very large and diversified products which can be used for Communication Intelligence (COMINT). Starting from the standard means of terrestrial radio communications in HF or VHF/UHF domain to microwave point to point communications Shoghi has a wide portfolio of COMINT products which are tailor made for each form. The development of satellite communications all over the world provided a very good source for strategic intelligence gathering. Shoghi has specific products which target each facet of satellite communications including traditional ISD traffic, GSM backhaul , IP based ISP-to-ISP links for international Internet connectivity or for satellite mobile phones including Thuraya, Inmarsat or Iridium which form a major part of its COIMT portfolio. Mobile communications like GSM or CDMA which have seen vast growth over the last two decades are addressed by Shoghi products for off-the-air monitoring using both fully passive or semi-active means with integrated decryption capabilities for real-time COMINT gathering.

Shoghi has also moved to the area of lawful monitoring of all forms of communication within a country with its Lawful Interception systems which can be setup with the landline, mobile and Internet service providers within the country as also with capability to provide monitoring of submarine cable emanating from a country at its landing stations as part of its Communication Intelligence (COMINT) platforms. Shoghi’s COMINT systems intercepted traffic can be integrated into customized central intelligence databases on which sophisticated data mining and big data analytics tools can be implemented for intelligence generation of strategic value.

Shoghi has also developed products and systems which will enhance the Signal Intelligence capabilities of our customers. Interception of radar transmissions for gaining of intelligence on the adversary’s electronic capabilities is a major aspect of the SIGINT portfolio. The ability to provide processed satellite imagery in both visible and SAR ranges as a service to provisioning of full-fledged satellite image processing station with capability to task imaging satellites is another aspect of SIGINT capabilities desirable to our defense and intelligence customers. UAVs with both visible and IR payloads also form part of the varied SIGINT capabilities provided by Shoghi.

Shoghi has a very wide variety of technologies under its fold which can enhance the COMINT and SIGINT capabilities of our customers. Backed by intimate warranty and maintenance support and intensive on the job training, Shoghi portfolio of Communication Intelligence (COMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) products can provide a all encompassing capability to develop the real-time intelligence gathering capability of our customers for the defense and security of their nation.
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