Interception and Reconstruction of Data from GSM Phones

India - Aug 21, 2016 - Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System (SCL-5020SE)-
In today's digital world, virtually all GSM service providers across the globe are providing the data connectivity to their subscribers on their mobile handsets. Social Media Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Messaging App like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Line are hugely popular on Mobile devices. These Apps provide the global connectivity among the users. Criminals and terrorist groups are taking advantage of the readily available technology and conducting their activities using mobile devices. Because of the technological challenge, till now no one has achieved complete success for the interception of data from GSM network off-the-air.

We, at Shoghi, have been working to implement interception and decoding of data from GSM network using our Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System. We have developed GPRS Data Processing Module which is currently under final testing. The GPRS Data Processing Module has been designed to work in conjunction with our Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System (SCL-5020SE) to intercept and process the traffic from GPRS. The GPRS Data Processing Module is integrated with HTTPS/SSL decryption engine to intercept and process the HTTPS/SSL-encrypted traffic.

The GPRS Data Processing Module along with Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System will be capable of monitoring Popular Social media sites like Facebook, Viber, Twitter and Telegram. It provides profile info as well as private messages from Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. The system uses proprietary technology to acquire the credentials of the target and download all his emails if he is using POP3, POP3S, SMTP, SMTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, iCloud e-mails. The system is also capable of capturing the browsed web page URL and GPS coordinates

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