US Missile Defense Agency visits Weibel Scientific headquarters in Allerod, Denmark

Allerød,, Denmark - Nov 16, 2011 - Weibel Scientific is on the brink of participating in Europe's missile defense system. The head of US Missile Defense personally visited Weibel scientific to learn more about the technology of the world's most advanced multi-frequency Doppler radars. On 6 September 2011, Lieutenant General Patrick J. O'Reilly Director of the US Missile Defense Agency took an hour-long tour of the Danish radar producer, Weibel Scientific A/S.

Lieutenant General O'Reilly is responsible for US missile defense, which means he is also deeply involved in European and NATO plans for a European missile defense system. European governments are currently deciding on the future missile defense system in Europe. Lieutenant General O'Reilly showed a great deal of interest in the Danish technology and the radars on view, gaining personal insight into the range and advantages of the advanced Doppler technology:
"Weibel Scientific demonstrated cutting edge technology and I'm pleased that NASA and other American organizations and companies utilize Weibel's Doppler radars. During my visit I got a new understanding of the advantages of the multi- frequency Doppler radars and I will definitely investigate the possibilities for closer collaboration between Weibel Scientific in Allerod and the MDA in USA further. Weibel Scientific has demonstrated that its multi-frequency Doppler radar has an unmatched technological potential and we should in the MDA definitely take advantage of what has already been developed here in Denmark. What I see here could be an application for the missile defense, and we will definitely look into the opportunity to explore this further under the agreement that has already been established between our two governments," says Lieutenant General O'Reilly, US Missile Defense Agency.

Lieutenant General O'Reilly, US Missile Defense Agency was referring to a general agreement entered between the Danish and US Governments, authorizing the Danish industry to participate and develop advanced technology in cooperation with the US defense industry in the missile defense area.

Lieutenant General O'Reilly was in Denmark to participate in a missile defense conference at Bella Centre, where Weibel Scientific was also participating and exhibiting. Weibel Scientific advanced Doppler radars are mobile, highly accurate and have extremely long ranges. This means that a Weibel radar can accurately track enemy missiles across very long distances. Weibel Scientific CEO Peder R. Pedersen is looking forward to working with the Missile Defense Agency in the future. "Weibel's multi-frequency Doppler technology could provide a critical element in Europe's missile defense, and the technology is proven. This is a highly- interesting aspect for Weibel Scientific witnessing how the Missile Defence Agency is interested in our technology. We see being part of Europe and US missile defense as being a professional challenge and a privilege," says Weibel Scientific CEO Peder R. Pedersen. "NASA uses our technology and so does a large part of Europe's defense organizations. For us, being part of the future missile defense system is a natural development of our multi-frequency Doppler technology," says Weibel Scientific CEO, Peder R. Pedersen.

The Allerod visit took place a short time after it was announced that Danish radar producer Weibel Scientific had won its largest US military contract to date, valued at USD 36 million, for the delivery of 1,995 Doppler radars over a five-year period, starting from 2012.
At the same time, Weibel Scientific won another US military contract valued at USD 11 million for the delivery of several hundred Doppler radars.
In addition to the US contracts, Danish Weibel Scientific has recently won contracts throughout most of the world.

"Never has the outlook been more positive for Weibel Scientific. While many Danish companies outsource, we do the opposite, which is one of the reasons for our success. Otherwise, it simply wouldn't be possible for us to produce such advanced technology while keeping costs down. Today we produce the components we used to purchase from suppliers in the past. It is core to our business to develop and own the most important components ourselves, this is the only way to secure our position as the technology leader - at extremely competitive prices," says CEO Peder R. Pedersen, Weibel Scientific.

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