Legnano, Italy - Oct 18, 2008 - Event: 3rd International Workshop on System & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications - SECESA 2008
Paper Title: "Design Process of a Space Mission using STARMAD (Space Tool for Advanced & Rapid Mission Analysis & Design) to improve the Space Systems Engineering Methodology".

Picture (Credits: ESA) shows ESA ESTEC Director M. Courtois enjoying the presentation about STARMAD in the SECESA 2008 workshop.

The European Space Agency (ESA) Directorate for Technical and Quality Management ( and the ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) organised the 3rd International Workshop on System & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications (SECESA 2008), in partnership with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and 'La Sapienza' University, Rome. The event was hosted on 15-16-17 October 2008 in Rome at the University 'La Sapienza'.
Altran Italia has sponsored the attendance to the Conference.

The increasing complexity of space missions, coupled with cost and schedule constraints, calls for advanced and innovative approaches to System Engineering (SE). A growing interest in Concurrent Engineering (CE), as an enabling methodology to implement effective System Engineering, has become apparent in recent years with the creation of centres and facilities for concurrent design. Further applications and exploitation of CE methodology and tools are envisaged.
The Workshop gathered participants from space and non-space institutions, industry and academia interested in the System and Concurrent Engineering (SE&CE) aspects of Space Applications and provided a forum to share their experience and discuss innovation and future plans for SE&CE.

The Workshop aimed at the following objectives within the space system engineering domains:
· To exchange experiences in SE&CE applied to space system engineering
· To highlight benefits and advantages obtained by the application of SE, based on new tools, strategies and technologies aiming to improve its efficiency
· To share lessons learned and know-how in SE&CE, including Knowledge Management
· To enhance the cooperation among various industrial levels and partners
· To discuss evolution and plans in System & Concurrent Engineering

The Workshop has been organised around the following topics:
· Industrial practices of SE in aerospace industry
· New processes and methodologies for SE
· SE based on multidisciplinary approach
· Applications of SE&CE in all phases of the project life cycle
· Methods, infrastructures, tools and engineering design models for SE&CE applications
· Creation and operations of concurrent design centres
· Structure, functions, and architecture of current CE facilities in Europe
· Compatible processes and data models to facilitate collaboration in European space projects
· Standards and enabling technologies supporting integration and connections of CE facilities
· Cost and schedule effectiveness of SE&CE practices, including business models
· Innovative ideas and initiatives for future developments


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