DESA completes sea trials on OPV's of the Chilean Navy

Santiago, Chile - Oct 23, 2009 - DESA successfully finished sea trials of its ARIES light artillery fire control system on board OPV Policarpo Toro and OPV Piloto Pardo on September 10 and October 7, respectively.

The ARIES system provides control of a Bofors 40L70 light gun, using the ship's search radars and a specially devised optronic director as tracking sensors. Sea trials included firing exercises where the system proved reliable and precise control.

Located in the bridge, the ARIES console contains all processing and human inteface devices for an effective while simple operation. Using two screens for radar display with TWS and image tracking, the console provides both the operator as well as the commanding officer with a complete situation overview. The optronic director includes a daylight as well as a thermal camera, providing all-weather and day and night operation capability.

The OPV's Toro and Pardo where built in ASMAR (Chilean Navy Shipyards) using a design by FASSMER. Their main role is to provide maritime surveillance and patrol capabilities within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Chile (200NM from the coast).

The ARIES system completes these fine ships providing the required interdiction and defensive capabilities for major incidents.


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