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Intermat & Stealth Intermat is widely known for its profound involvement in the field of Thermal Signature Management and Multi-Spectral Stealth Materials. The term “stealth” is usually understood to result from a combination of materials and methods that significantly lower the emissions of a target, thereby effectively decreasing the enemy’s detection range. Intermat’s prime concern is to reduce signatures, emissions, and eventually detection ranges. However, just reducing an emission is not enough, the real science is to customize and adjust the level of performance. Thermal Signature Management Intermat’s core business is the Research and Development of anti-thermal coatings. Intermat has the technical capability and know-how to produce colour shades of adjustable emissivity. The coatings limit the absorption and emission of heat and the user is free to decide on the amount of “insulation” or performance. …all warfare is based upon deception… Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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