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Take off! For optimal control and airworthiness.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your organization as if your were flying a jet or an Airbus? That one glance at the instrument panel would show you everything you need to know? That you could see the links between and consequences of your decisions and could steer them in the right direction? That your organization’s entire “crew” knew which direction they were heading and what they had to do to get there?   

Performance Based Logistics solution

VisionWaves offers the Performance Based Logistics solution. Performance Based Logistics ultimately assures that the right (weapon) system is available at the right time with the right configuration. This is based on operational demand, by managing the Multi Party Logistics network at predictable cost, connecting key responsibility with the end user from supply chain to material management to maintenance management to fleet management PBL requires Qualitative Information to deliver results. The information must be based on operations, predictions, and actual missions. Planning with and control over logistics partners is necessary to manage the Service Levels and Risks. Meanwhile, the Configuration must be controlled. The goal is to manage the Cost per Operating Hour, enabling a competitive pricing model, while complying with operational demands.



  • More flight hours 
  • Increased engine usability 
  • Increased operational availability of your systems  
  • Less staff 
  • More on maximum availability, minimum life-cycle costs.







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