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Consultatie Implementatie Technisch Beheer BV (The Early Warning Company ) was founded in 1997. Our first mission was to invent a cost effective technology that was capable of measuring Volatile Organic Substances (VOS) in air. In a country with strict regulatory legislation this invention/technology is a necessity. By using this technology, one can thoroughly evaluate levels of potentially harmful substances and the frequency in which they occur. In 2000 this invention, the Check-it with electronic nose, was nominated for a Smithsonian Award. The application of sophisticated neural-network based pattern recognition techniques on combinations of data items, including temporal information, allows detection of developing aberrations at a very early stage. This is frequently also in situations in which humans fail to recognize a developing adverse situation, as the individual data items themselves are no indication. The sophisticated AI techniques developed by C-it are the basis of the early warning capabilities of the AEWOC. For an Early Warning system to be effective, sufficient measuring points (electronic noses) over a large area are needed (fine mesh network). To facilitate this, the cost per measuring unit must be very low, and the transport of data must be efficient and trustworthy. The basis of the concept of C-it is the Advanced Early Warning Operating Center (AEWOC) which can reliably and remotely gather huge amounts of data. The pattern matching capabilities (involving advanced mathematics and artificial neural network models) also allow the comparison with historical data in order to predict the probable near-future development of an adverse situation. This allows for measures to be taken much earlier on while the adverse situation is still developing, and preferably before it has culminated in a true disaster. We also apply these sophisticated techniques for remote control of computing devices

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