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Via di Castel Romano, 100
00128 Rome
+39 06 5055 827

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Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. is a reference centre for innovation in materials and their related production, design and application technologies. It serves high-tech manufacturing sectors such as aerospace and mechanics, whenever materials technologies and new high performance components are critical factors of competitivity within the market. The CSM success is based on an integrated logic which considers the complex system. Component design – material selection (steel, Ni, Co, Al or Ti based alloys, intermetallics, metal and ceramic composites, etc.) – material forming processes – surface protection technologies – metallic, polymerics and ceramics composites, are handled according to a concurrent engineering approach. CSM is also an active centre for design and application of near net shape technologies with special reference to investment casting; it serves the foundries and the end-users industries in which special steels and superalloys are employed, with a particular regard for the areas where it is present with own research structures and facilities. Finally CSM offers a complete laboratory testing service that supports the R&D activities including the use of a 3D finite element software for a simulation of the behaviour of industrial casting processes.

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