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Symetrics Industries, an AS9100 and ISO9001-2000 registered small business, specializes in electronics design, manufacture and test for the Department of Defense, US State Department, and several major prime contractors. Symetrics continues to expand its engineering capabilities to address the needs of customers in the design and integration of products into their specific airborne or ground platforms. The company has three main business sectors: electronic warfare (EW), digital communications, and electronic manufacturing services. Symetrics has a sister company, PhotoTelesis, that specializes in offering imagery solutions and solid-state digital video recorders.

Symetrics’ EW products include the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser System (CMDS). The AN/ALE-47 CMDS is an EW self-protection system that provides combat aircrews with enhanced survivability against surface-to-air and air-to-air missile threats in all environments. It can easily be integrated with numerous EW systems, including Missile Warning Systems (MWS), onboard RF Jamming systems, and Radar Warning Receivers (RWR). Symetrics has delivered thousands of components to the Department of Defense, the US State Department, and numerous domestic and international commercial customers as the U.S. Government''s prime supplier of the system since 2001. Symetrics also manufactures the AN/ALM-295 Countermeasures Dispenser Test Set, and the AN/USQ-131 Memory Loader Verifier Set (MLVS), utilized for loading EW suite software.

Symetrics’ range of IDMs is the company’s main digital communications offering.. Symetrics began production of the IDM-302 in 1993, and it is still manufacturing and supporting it by a depot repairs service. Over 3,000 IDM-302s are currently being used in 15 countries throughout the world. Symetrics won the IDM-304 contract for the Army’s IDM variant in 2006 and has delivered hundreds of units for US Army helicopters. The IDM-501, a Symetrics-developed product, is a flightproven design, smaller and lighter than the IDM-302 and IDM-304, but provides virtually the same functionality. Additionally, Symetrics developed a Mini-IDM, the smallest in the range, which is ideal as a weapons data link. Image transmission can be added to IDMs using trademarked PRISM technology.

The most recent addition to the IDM “Family” is the USB Radio Operations Cable (U-ROC) which allows ground troops to connect laptop computers to voice radios and join the tactical internet.

Accounting for the third sector of business is the production of circuit card assemblies for use in numerous prime contractors’ subassemblies, including the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and US Air Force programmable fuses. Symetrics offers a wide range of electronics manufacturing services and solutions, from initial design to mass production.

In conjunction with their sister company PhotoTelesis, Symetrics also offers imagery solutions and a line of digital video recorders. PhotoTelesis has a 20 plus year history of designing and delivering high performance digital imaging, data communications, and digital video recording products for the US government and abroad. Current product offerings include:
A family of Solid State Digital Video Recorders (DVR), ranging from a form-fit replacement for legacy tape recorders to a multi-channel DVR. With their modular design, PhotoTelesis’ DVRs can support a wide variety of expansion options.

The Lightweight Video Reconnaissance System (LVRS) is a portable sensor system that provides near real-time image and data transmission capabilities. Comprised of a day/night channel and ruggedized handheld computer, the LVRS provides the capability to view, capture, exploit, transmit and receive imagery over organic tactical radios.

Symetrics has been designing, manufacturing, testing and delivering high reliability electronic assemblies and sophisticated EW and Communication systems of the highest quality to the DoD for over 46 years. They are the US Government’s prime supplier of the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System, and a full family of Improved Data Modems, including the IDM-304. Digital imagery and solid-state digital video recording solutions are also available from their highly diversified portfolio.

Symetrics: Small business Agility…Big business Ability

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