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Oakfield Road
SE20 8EW
United Kingdom

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Established since 1904, Muirhead Aerospace is recognised for Innovative design engineering and exacting standards of manufacture, this has enabled Muirhead to be approved suppliers to authorities such as the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO, Civil Aviation Authority and the United States Department of Defence as well as many of the world’s leading high technology companies.
Muirhead Aerospace provides technically innovative products and solutions for the Aviation, Defence, Industrial, Medical, Oil, and High Vacuum market. We are committed to continual improvement and meeting regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

Key Products and Services:Design, Manufacture and Test. Electro Mechanical Actuators: Linear and Rotary, Electronics; Drive and Signal Conditioning. Components: AC Motors, AC Tachometer Generators DC Motors, DC Torque Motors, Limited Angle Torque Motors, Stepper Motors, DC Tachometer Generators, Permanent Magnet Alternators, Gear heads, Optical Encoders, Synchros, Resolvers, Linvars, Pickoffs and RVDT’s.

NATO Supply Classifications: Cage Code K0624, Encoder, Gearhead, Generator, Motor AC, Motor DC, Motor Stepping, Motor-Gearbox, Motor-Tachometer, Resolver, Synchro, Tachometer Generators.

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