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Corporate Building at Barcelona

Corporate Building at Barcelona

Offices at Madrid

Offices at Madrid

Guyana Space Port Mission Room

Guyana Space Port Mission Room

Spanish VBR 8x8 - based in the VBCI of Nexter Systems

Spanish VBR 8x8 - based in the VBCI of Nexter Systems

Spanish VBR 8x8 - based in the VBCI of Nexter Systems

Spanish VBR 8x8 - based in the VBCI of Nexter Systems

Spanish VBR 8x8 - based in the VBCI of Nexter Systems

Spanish VBR 8x8 - based in the VBCI of Nexter Systems

gtd, founded in 1987, is one of Europe''s most relevant Software and Systems Engineering companies in the sectors of Security and Defence, Aeronautics, Space, Utilities and Public Administration.

gtd Group

From an Engineering culture, the general purpose of the gtd Group and its affiliate companies is to lend support to its clients'' processes by means of technologically advanced solutions, providing integrated systems, specialised products and services, capable of meeting the needs of the whole lifecycle of a project.

The Group''s affiliates

  • gtd Information Systems (Systems Engineering and Software)
  • gtd Security Systems (Security Engineering)
  • GDI Projects and Installations (Electrical installations and maintenance)
  • Nájera Aerospace (On board electronics)

Partly-owned companies

  • APPLUS (Certification and trials)

At the end of 2007, the gtd Group’s assets amounted to 340 million euros in value and its part-owned subsidiaries as a whole provided 9,000 jobs at their installations in Barcelona, Madrid, French Guyana and the United States.

gtd Information Systems: overview

gtd Information Systems employs 250 engineers and has an annual turnover of around 25 million euros. Its business focuses on Systems Engineering and information technologies for clients from the sectors of Defence and Security, Aeronautics, Space and Energy, Industry and Public Administrations.

gtd enjoys considerable prestige based on its background in the space sector which, since 1993, has been providing it with contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES). A very solid background, in a highly demanding sector, and in an environment of such complex, mission-critical systems, has been made possible by gtd''s on-going commitment to quality and innovation.

gtd has managed to transfer and adapt the experience gained in the space sector to other sectors, in which it also now has a relevant presence, such as the Defence and Security sector.


gtd is one of the most advanced engineering firms in the Defence field and has earned the recognition of the different European organisms. It maintains its expertise by taking an active part in Research and Development programmes directly related to this sector. gtd is an active collaborator in the Armed Forces transformation process, developing the technologies they will need in order to successfully tackle the challenges facing them this century:

Command and Control Centres - At the beginning of the information chain, gtd supplies the systems for the dissemination of information, the acquisition of intelligence and the generation of knowledge, capable of providing every member of the force with the required information at the right time. The information generated is transferred to the Command and Control Systems, which in turn use it to support the planning and execution of operations at various levels in the chain of command, in both the tactical and the strategic spheres. gtd develops modular, interoperable and secure C4ISR solutions based on services and open architectures to meet the needs of air forces, ground forces, navy and the joint command. The solutions which gtd puts at its customers'' disposal are backed by years of experience in operations, continuous monitoring of the state of the art of the key technologies in the business (data mining and fusion, Geographic Information Systems, communications, knowledge management...), and extensive experience in managing large multidisciplinary projects.

Mission-Critical Software – gtd''s long experience gained in the development of control systems for critical applications (e.g. particle accelerators, launchers, avionics, ...) has played a vital part in the company''s positioning itself as a key player in critical SW development for military applications such as: Weapon control systems; firing control systems; automatic sighting systems; platform control systems; unmanned ground vehicles (UGV); unmanned airborne systems (UAS); navigation systems; CBRN detection systems.

Simulation – To complement its portfolio of products and services, gtd offers clients wide experience in the field of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), covering the development of simulation tools and trainers, as well as developing technical documentation, providing specific training and maintaining and operating systems, including those developed by third parties.
Integrated modular training systems, based on open architectures, with audio “streaming” ability on a HLA shell, as well as integrated IP CCTV, enable delocalisation of the different subsystems, making their deployment easier, while at the same time optimising the use of critical resources (e.g. instructors, psychologists ...).


gtd has become a consolidated reference partner in the principal European civil and military aviation programmes, providing software and services for all types of aircraft, mission systems, training systems and ground support equipment.
gtd takes an active part in numerous aeronautical projects on an international scale, contributing its proven capabilities in the systems engineering field to such diverse programmes as the A380, Eurofighter, A330-MRTT, A400M, CN-235, C-295, P3-Orion, or TIGRE and NH-90 helicopters; all in compliance with the strictest quality and security standards.
gtd''s business in this sector focuses mainly on designing and developing software for avionics, handling integration, validation and verification tasks for embarked systems, and developing simulation tools and test benches.
gtd has made its name as one of the main Spanish references in Do-178B, providing consultation services, or SW development, on programmes that require certification to civil aviation standards.


This was gtd''s original line of business. In the automotive area, business focuses principally on conceiving, developing and setting up complete turnkey solutions for the control and management of factory processes, vertically integrating computerised equipment from the machines, the robots and the means of maintenance, to the corporate ERP system.
In the course of its 20 old years'' experience, gtd has provided different solutions for transporting coachwork (skid transporters, elevators, overhead birails and monorails, overhead electric conveyors, transfer stations and positioners), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), automatic guided vehicles, automated warehousing, production management systems, traceability systems, quality control systems via optical image recognition and brake control systems, to mention a few of the most relevant.

Other lines of business

gtd also has extensive experience and capability in the Security, Space, Utilities and Public Administrations sectors.

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