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EWA-Canada is a Canadian security company delivering world class solutions. EWA-Canada is recognized as the premiere provider of Security and Assurance services in North America with solutions based on the expertise of our personnel, systems engineering approach, innovation and vendor neutral selection of technologies. We provide services in: Professional Consulting including risk management, needs analysis, security process improvement and mission critical solutions. We offer Operations Assurance solutions encompassing network forensics, VA/Penetration testing, active monitoring, policy compliance and incident response. As well, Product Evaluation and Certification for common criteria(CC), cryptography ( FIPS140), Personal Identification Verification (FIPS 201) and Point-of-Sale devices. EWA-Canada also has accredited credentials and experience with other payment schemes As an example, EWA-Canada is accredited by the Interac Association as a Device Certification Agent for the security testing of PoS Devices and ATM Encrypted PIN Pads to Interac standards. We played an instrumental role in assisting Interac create the national technical standards and requirements for migration to chip. Similarly, we are accredited by MasterCard, VISA and JCB as a testing lab to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. MasterCard has recently accredited EWA-Canada as a Payment Terminal Security (PTS) Testing Lab to test the security of the implementations of IP Stacks on networked devices to be used on MasterCard networks.

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