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Avshalom Road 1
P.O. Box 166
30951 Zikhron Yaaqov
+972-4-629 9904/5

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Beth-El is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture and supply of filtration equipment and NBC-Protection. All our products are battle-tested and have been in large-scale operation and deployment around the world.

We are supplier to more than 60 armies worldwide:

Our Product Line consists of the following:

For Military Vehicles:

  • Ventilation / Dust Filtration Systems
  • Ventilation / NBC-Filtration Systems for vehicles
  • Combined Ventilation / NBC-FIltration / Air Conditioning Systems for vehicles
  • Combined Ventilation / NBC-Filtration / Air Conditioning / Toxic Shooting Fumes Filtration Systems for vehicles
  • Air Conditioning Systems for vehicles
  • Toxic Shooting Fumes Filtration Systems for vehicles
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Highly efficient Engine Aircleaners
  • Blast valves
  • CAN-Controller for Ventilation / NBC-Filtration / Air Conditioning Units
  • Tear Gas Filtration Systems foir Police / Riot Copntrol Vehicles
  • Toxic Industrial Chemical Filtration Systems for Agricultural / Mining / Industrial vehicles


Mobile Shelters

  • Ventilation / NBC-Filtration Systems for mobile shelters
  • Combined Ventilation / NBC-Filtration / Air Conditioning Systems for mobile shelters


Bomb Shelters / Bunkers

  • Ventilation / NBC-Filtration Systems
  • Filter Batteries for large complexes
  • Blast Protection Valves


Infrastructure Protection

  • Complete Air Handling Units (Ventilation / NBC-Filtration / Heating / Cooling)
  • Expandable Cabinet Shelters for protection spaces within seconds
  • NBC-resistant indoor tents


Turnkey Projects

  • NBC-Protected inflatable tents (including airlocks, decontamination sections, illumination, generator, air conditioning units, power distribution, flooring etc.)
  • NBC-Protected frame tents (including all ancillary items, as listed above)
  • Mobile NBC-Protected Command Posts
  • Mobile NBC-Protected Field hospitals


Medical Product Lines

  • IsoArk Negative Pressure Bags for transport of contagious patients on stretchers (ambulances / helicopters / aircrafts)
  • IsoArk Negative Pressure mobile Tents for treatment of contagious patients in rooms (hospitals or field hospitals)
  • SteriTent Positive Pressure sterile Tents for mobile Cleanrooms
  • Mobile sterile tents as opthalmic surgery rooms
  • Negative Pressure Enclosures for Ambulances


Products & Services


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