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Reading Enterprise Hub
The University of Reading
Earley Gate, Reading, RG6 6AU
United Kingdom
(+44) 118 935 7205

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VTOL Technologies Ltd is a United Kingdom based SME developing a new VTOL capability for UAV’s. The company was established in April 2002 and has spent over 10 man-years developing the core technology, using some of the world’s leading experts in turbo-machinery, aerodynamics, computational-fluid dynamics and electrical machines. The uniqueness of our technology is that it is able to address the unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV market with lower-cost, more flexible search and surveillance capabilities for homeland security, policing, environmental monitoring, or in fact any situation requiring a safe aerial platform for on the spot viewing or sensor measurement. Over 80% of the above requirements will be over urban areas, requiring vertical take-off and landing or VTOL capable UAVs.

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