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3D Plus is a worldwide actor for the advanced high density 3-D packaging and die stacking technology. Recognized for their electrical performance, very small form factors, high quality and reliability and radiation assurance level, 3D Plus Space qualified standard products bring key advantages to all space application fields: - Consumer Applications : Telecommunications, Naviguation - Durable development: Weather forecast, Earth Environement and Climate monitoring - Defense and security: Earth observation - Space Transportation: Launchers and Manned space vehicles - Siences: Astronomy, Space exploration and interplanetary missions (Moon, Mars, Juno, Pluto,..) With more than 25000 modules in orbit today and a failure-free flight heritage of more than 8 years, 3D Plus is the largest Space Qualified MCM manufacturer in Europe. 3D Plus products are included in the ESA Preferred Parts List (ESA EPPL) and are used by all the major space agencies and customers worldwide.

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