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P.O. Box 9, 7440 AA NIJVERDAL
Visit: Campbellweg 30, 7443 PV NIJVERDAL
+31 (0548) - 633 933

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Ten Cate Advanced Composites is an integrated company with multiple activities in the composite industry. The base of the company is a weaving facility in which high-strength fibres are woven into a wide range of fabrics. Ten Cate Advanced Composites is one of the biggest European weavers of aramid and high-performance polyethylene. In a subsequent process fabrics and uni-directional tapes are impregnated or coated with various resin systems. The company projects a strong international image as a manufacturer of innovative continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. Prepegs and preplied laminates are available under the CETEX trademark. Ten Cate Advanced Composites has a certified Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001.

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