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PARAGON is Research & Development SME with Industrial Services, established in 1995.

Main activities of the RTD segment of PARAGON include:

  • RTD services to Private and Public clientel
  • RTD expertise contribution to EC research initiatives as an RTD Performer
  • In-house RTD.

PARAGON actively participates in many areas of research on European level, and has participated in 22 EC projects to date in:

  • Aeronautics & Surface Transport
  • ICT & IST
  • Security
  • Energy [including Rational Use of Energy (RUE)]
  • Environment
  • NMP
  • Innovation & SMEs.

PARAGON is also a Full SME Member of EPoSS: European Technology Platform for Smart Systems Integration. PARAGON participates to EPoSS Work Groups (WGs) such as WG Aeronautics and WG Key Technologies [cross-cutting technology development issues].

Indicative EC-funded Research & Innovation projects participations include:

Framework Programme VII (FP7):

  • CRESCENDO: Collaborative and Robust Engineering using Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation [Aeronautics, AIRBUS FR, Level 2, 2009].
  • ADOSE: Reliable Application Specific Detection of Road Users with Vehicle On-Board Sensors [ICT, Centro Ricerche Fiat-CRF, Level1, 2008].

Framework Programme VI (FP6):

  • MOET: More Open Electrical Technologies [Aeronautics, AIRBUS France, Integrated Project, 2006].
  • TATEM: Technologies And Techniques for nEw Maintenance concepts [Aeronautics, Smiths-Aerospace, Integrated Project, 2004].
  • AVERT: Aerodynamic Validation of Emission Reducing Technologies << Active Flow Control Technologies >> [Aeronautics, AIRBUS UK, STREP, 2007].
  • MESEMA: Magnetoelastic Energy Systems for Even More Electric Aircraft [Aeronautics, STREP, 2004].
  • SENSE: Smart Embedded Network of Sensing Entities << Civil Security Monitoring Platform for Airport Terminal Surveillance and Security >> [IST, STREP, 2006].
  • SWOP: Semantic Web-based Open Engineering Platform [Joint IST-NMP, STREP, 2005].

Framework Programme V (FP5):

  • HEACE: Health Effects in Aircraft Cabin Environment << Multi-dimensional Human Response Model for simulation, determination, optimisation of the Health-Safety-Comfort factors for Cockpit-Cabin Crew and Passengers -- Indicative Applications: FTL, Flights scheduling, Aircraft Operation, Aircraft Configuration >> [Aeronautics, GROWTH, 2001].
  • CASH: Collaborative Working within the Aeronautical Supply Chain [Aeronautics, GROWTH, 2001].

Framework Programme IV (FP4):

  • SMARTACUS: Smart Acoustic House << Active Noise Control Systems >> [BRITE EURAM 3].
  • SEANET: Statistical Energy Analysis Thematic Network [BRITE EURAM 3].
  • NOCOMAT: Noise Control Materials Thematic Network [BRITE EURAM 3].


In-house Expertise & Know-How:

  • Computational Intelligence Techniques
  • Evolutionary Computation-Optimization Algorithms (multi-objective design-process-topology-control optimisation and/or configuration applications)
  • Acoustics & Vibration
  • Active Vibration & Noise Control Systems
  • Self-determining – Automatic – Active Vibration Control Systems
  • Integrated – Simultaneously optimized multi-functional systems (e.g., structural health monitoring, energy harvesting, active vibration control)
  • Human Response and Performance Modelling and Tools [Aerospace and Transport]
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Mechanical & Electrical Fault Detection and Classification applications
  • Health Usage Monitoring
  • Sensor and Actuator Networks
  • Modeling-Simulation-Data-Mining
  • Data Acquisition & Signal Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Rational Use of Energy & Renewables
  • Knowledge & Technology Promotion and Transfer.


  • Software Development
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring Techniques
  • Control
  • Actuators Smart Actuators & Smart Structures
  • Sensors
  • Instrumentation
  • Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection
  • Micro-mechanical devices.


Main Activities of the Industrial Services segment of PARAGON include:

  • Engineering, Metrology, and Consultancy services to Private and Public entities, and
  • Representation of Manufacturers of Industrial and Scientific Instrumentation (Hardware & Software) ranging from  Measurement, Inspection, Monitoring, Control systems, and Calibration systems, to markets in Greece and S/E Europe, coupled with expert research and application services. This latter activity is a direct result of the combination of our successful involvement in EC-funded research initiatives together with our extensive research and application know-how.

PARAGON represents over 20 state-of-the-art Industrial & Scientific Instrumentation Manufacturers from the European Union (EU) and the United States of America (USA). For more information on our broad range of products offered and/or cooperation opportunities, please contact PARAGON at

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