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EBV Explosives Environmental Company (EBV EEC) operates a RCRA Part B Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) located in Joplin, MO. The facility consists of several demilitarization buildings and two MACT-complaint incinerators. One of the incinerators, a Rotary Kiln Incinerator (RKI), is the only commercial incinerator in the United States specifically designed for the incineration of explosive materials and devices.

The company began operation in 1995 as ICI Explosives Environmental Company (ICIEEC) specializing in the incineration of reactive hazardous waste including explosives, explosive devices, small caliber ammunition and initiating systems. In December 2002, ICIEEC was purchased by the owner of the former EBV GmbH, Germany, and the name was changed to EBV EEC an remained a US business incorporated in Delaware.

The foundation of EBV EEC’s business is the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste for the commercial explosives industry. EBV EEC handles ammunition, explosive devices and explosives from the aerospace and defense industries, oil well service industry, automotive occupant restraint industry, commercial ammunitions industry, commercial blasting industry, and the pyrotechnics industry (smokes, dyes, flares, fireworks, etc.), as well as from federal, state, and local governments, including law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military services.

The most valuable part of EBV EEC’s business is the RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Permit that it obtained in 1991 for the treatment of hazardous waste, and more specifically explosive waste. This permit authorizes and allows EBV EEC to provide ammunition and explosives demilitarization and disposal services commercially within the allowances and constraints of the permit. All management resources and controls are in place to provide the necessary support to operations, to ensure:

· Compliance with all of the regulatory requirements for environment, safety and health, security, quality assurance, personnel management, inventory accountability and control of waste materials received, processed, and destroyed, etc.
· Maintenance of all records and documentation required by the regulations for each of the above areas.
· Preparation and submission of all periodic reports required for each of the above areas.
· Provision of all manpower and other resources, supplies, materials, services, and support necessary to enable the conduct of safe, efficient, effective, and productive demilitarization and disposal operations.

Since becoming EBV EEC in December 2002, the company has expanded its’ focus in demilitarization of munitions. Utilizing the expertise and knowledge from the German facility, EBV EEC expand into the demilitarization pyrotechnics and cluster munitions, such as ICM, CBU, and MLRS.

EBV EEC has participated in both of the multi-year commercial demilitarization contracts awarded by JMC beginning with the first multi-year IDIQ contract in 2000. In the first contract, EBV EEC was a subcontractor to both prime contractors for demilitarization of Small Caliber Ammo, Fuzes, ICMs, and HE cartridges. In the current commercial demilitarization contract, EBV EEC is performing as a subcontractor to GDOTS for 3 of the 6 families in the contract, ICMs, CBUs, and pyrotechnics.

In 2003, EBV EEC purchased an ICM disassembly line previously developed and used by EBV GmbH in Germany, and began demilitarizing ICM projectiles later that year.

Beginning in the fall of 2006, EBV EEC constructed a new state-of-the-industry explosives operations building for downloading CBUs, with an automated bomblet disassembly line. The facility and equipment was designed, fabricated, installed, and in operation within 8 months of contract award.

In the winter of 2008, EBV EEC began design, permitting and construction of a new ICM disassembly and treatment building. The building was completed with disassembly operations beginning in October and thermal treatment operation initiation expected in December. This expansion was design to also handle the MLRS Warheads if needed.

With the award of the MLRS Demilitarization Contract in July 2008, EBV EEC has begun design, permitting and construction of two new buildings and equipment for accomplishing MRLS Rocket disassemble and treatment of the MLRS Rocket Motors.

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