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16 Martin Gehl St., P.O. Box 3351, Kiryat Arie
Petach-Tikva, 49130 Israel

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Military advanced high-technology systems for Airborne, Land and Naval applications. Main Product: Naval: Advanced naval navigation systems for surface vessels and submarines. Naval operating consoles and on-board naval trainers. Airborne: Airborne Mission and Display Computers, Displays & MFCDs, Smart Displays, Ruggedized Displays, Digital Air Data Computers, Digital Moving Map (2D/3D), Airborne Mission Management systems, Cockpit Instruments (Electromechanical and Electronic - EHSI/EADI/EFI). EW Displays, Engine Display systems. Land: Ground INS/GPS Ring Laser Gyro based Navigation and Fire Control Systems for artillery and heavy rockets launching systems (MLRS). Land forces virtual Tactical Training and Mission Planning Systems. Strategic Facilities Monitoring and Control systems.


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