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AEROMAOZ Ltd., established in 1980, is a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of Illuminated Display and Control Systems for aeronautical, marine and ground applications, in both the commercial and military sectors. AEROMAOZ products include illuminated panels, instrument bezels, display bezels, integrated control panels, switch box assemblies, control assemblies, keyboard bezels and interior and exterior lighting components.

AEROMAOZ also specializes in Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) conversions, including the production of NVIS compatible components, NVIS conversion kits, and conducting full NVIS aircraft upgrades (internal and external). NVIS technology has become almost a prerequisite for most military craft and is requested more and more in commercial applications.

AEROMAOZ' growing presence in the avionic industry can be attributed to a number of factors, the primary one being its ability to offer a turnkey solution to its customers. AEROMAOZ has the capability to take a project from initial design and engineering stages, through prototype production and testing, final serial production, and in-house QC and environmental testing. A second pivotal factor is the wide range of platforms in which the company has experience.

The ability of AEROMAOZ to offer a turnkey solution is a direct result of the skill and experience of each of its departments:

Engineering – The AEROMAOZ engineering department is comprised of experts in photometry, optical electronics, design, human-machine interfacing, electrical and mechanical engineers. Even after engineering has finished its primary responsibility for a project, an AEROMAOZ engineer is assigned as liaison (project manager) to that project and accompanies it from prototype production through final testing and QC.

Production – Incorporating state of the art equipment with ongoing training programs, AEROMAOZ is able to produce the vast majority of its products in house. AEROMAOZ facilities include modern CNC equipment, isolated paint and soldering departments and precision engraving equipment. All production processes are conducted in a carefully controlled environment. Temperature, humidity and air filtration are continuously monitored to insure optimal environmental conditions.

Assembly – Product assembly is done by hand by skilled workers under careful supervision and employees are trained and encouraged to point out potential QC issues before assembly is complete.

Testing – Electrical, mechanical, optical, photoelectric and ESS testing are all carried out by experts in the corresponding fields. Testing is carried out on a 100% basis. As a result of the strict supervision during the production process, almost 100% of the units that do not pass testing will subsequently pass after minor adjustments.

Quality Assurance – Together with the engineering liaison (described above), a QC representative will review the various stages of the production process. Units not passing testing are reviewed by the liaison and QC representative before being returned for repair in order to understand the cause of the problem and to confirm corrective action. AEROMAOZ is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certified. AEROMAOZ is also SAE AS7788 approved and is certified as an Approved Supplier for the USAF, USN, US Army, Israel Ministry of Defense, IAI, and Boeing. In addition, a wide range of AEROMAOZ products have received Source Approval.

Purchasing – As a result of the large number of different products produced and shipped each month, each one having a unique components list, it is crucial that stock levels and purchase requirements are maintained at an optimal level. A staff of purchasing professionals works closely with the AEROMAOZ planning and development department in order to insure the correct flow of material based upon realistic timetables.

The wide range of platforms in which AEROMAOZ has experience is a second crucial factor in AEROMAOZ' growing presence. AEROMAOZ products are not stand alone products and must be integrated into an existing infrastructure. Therefore, an understanding of the platform involved is critical. The wide range of aircraft in which AEROMAOZ products are installed has enabled AEROMAOZ to successfully work with integrators on many large projects..

The quality of the AEROMAOZ client base is its strongest asset. As an approved supplier to organizations as shown above, and additional clients such as Elbit, Orbit and Rafael, AEROMAOZ has been able to establish relationships with companies such as Eurocopter, Aselsan, KAI, Rockwell-Collins, Lockheed-Martin, Israeli Air Force and Sikorsky, to name a few.

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