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66B Maryborough St
2609 Canberra
61 2 6228 1904

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eVALUA provides Systems Engineering Consultancy Services and Solutions. Our mechanical and systems engineering team provide design services, including shock and vibration analsysis, for large systems. eVALUA also specialises in providing procurement and decision support systems and solutions. Our software tools provide 'out-of-the-box' solutions for * Electronic Bid Box for RFP submission - eliminate paper, save time (eTenderBox) * Automated RFP evaluation tools - save time make better 'value for money' decisions (VFMFocus, VFMOnline) * Automated bidding - increase your win rate, whilst cutting proposal/RFP response costs by 50%-80% (Pragmatech 'RFP Express') * A Decsion Support tool for 'apples vis oranges' decision making when prioritising and managing complex capabilities such as Weapons System upgrade proposals, Justice and Community Safety initiatives, Wetlands rejuvination programs. (Monsarrat)

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