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MECALECTO is an European leader of solenoids (Coils) for both civil and aeronautical & Defense applications.

A leader in our markets
· With the high performance of its products, MECALECTRO has met the most stringent needs inherent in your business area.
· Because we are in control of all processes (design, manufacture and traceability) and perfectly understand the constraints of your sector, we have been able to develop solutions to meet all your expectations.
· With MECALECTRO, your products are higher-performing and more reliable. Trusting our expertise and know-how is a choice in favor of security.

Our added value:
· Ongoing technological innovation.
· The ability to adapt to each customer's demands.
· Recognized technical expertise.
· Use of the best strategic suppliers in their fields.
· Reliable, high-performance products to contribute to the success of your projects, developed to your specifications or from our catalogue.
· A commercial network close to you.

The guarantee of excellence
· From the locking devices for the missiles on the Rafale jet to the braking controls on the Airbus A380, our products provide vital functions where reliability and security are the priorities.
· Developed in strict compliance with the customer’s specifications, MECALECTRO products respond fully to your expectations.
· With their quality of fabrication and longevity, they contribute actively to the success of your solutions.
· Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EASA PART 21F certifications are evidence of the importance we place on the quality of our products and on protecting the environment.

Confidence in your solution
Particularly sensitive to the concept of power-to-weight ratio, MECALECTRO ensures you the control over optimization of performance and optimum traceability of products your field requires.

· Locking of the side stick and rudder on the Airbus family.
· Remote rearming of RCCB circuit breakers (Airbus).
· Directional control solenoid for front landing gear (Airbus).
· Cabin passenger seat security locks (Airbus).
· Locking of missiles on stores pylons (military aircraft).

Responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency: The three keys to our approach
MECALECTRO is a partner you can always count on. Its team of 120 professionals, attentive to your needs, can develop solutions that solve your specific problems. Fast, effective responses to your needs are backed up by high technology and quality.

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