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Tel Aviv
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Trinity Defense Group provides exceptional security, protection, and consulting services to corporations and government agencies worldwide. Whether your needs are as personal as executive protection, as specific as security services in a high risk area, or as broad as counter-terrorism consulting, Trinity Defense Group can provide the solutions you need.
Our team: trinity’s team of high-level officers and former operators from the Israeli, US & UK Special Forces, Israeli National Counter-Terrorism Unit, and Israeli Security Agency has over 30 years of combined experience in the most complicated safety and security situations. We now offer your corporation or agency the benefit of those experiences so that you will be safe in an increasingly dangerous and hostile world environment.

Services: Our security services include, but are not limited to:
· Protection services for executives and corporations
· Training for corporate security, law enforcement, military, and state and federal operatives

· Security analysis and consulting for corporations and government agencies
· Experts in anti-terrorism, combat, and homeland security training & consultation

· K-9 services, such as protection and bomb detection
· Maritime security – Consulting, Protection officers, training & Anti piracy solutions

Training: Trinity Defense Group also provides training courses for corporate personnel, security agents, and federal and state military personnel. Courses include such essential topics as close protection, threat awareness, surveillance, defensive tactics, SWAT, and anti-terrorism military operations. Customized courses can be created to meet your specific training needs.

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