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Clients work in a turbulent and complex global market. They need realtime and reliable information and want total control and manageability resulting in a measurable standard and safe environment.
Avensus is seen by the customer as a trusted partner for manageable and secure ICT solutions.
Core Values:
As a result of the Mission Statement, the following core values are set out:
- Transparent
- Driven
- Expertised.

The core competence and focus of Avensus Netherlands is "information control".
Three pillars (main categories) can be distinguished:
1. Information Security
2. Information systems
3. Information services

Definition terms:

INFORMATION CONTROL: total control and manageability in a measurable standard and safe environment.

INFORMATION SECURITY: Securing (available confidential) information (data) and information systems.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS: the form (shape) and systems, where that information is processed and stored.

INFORMATION SERVICES: professional support and guidance to continue and pursue optimization and information regarding information systems and Information security.

1. DataManagement:

2. Workspace Concepts:

3. Server & Network infrastructure:

1. Network protection:

2. Identity protection:

3. Data protection:

1. Managed Services
2. Outsourcing
3. Outtasking & preventive management
4. Remote management
5. Remote monitoring
6. Continues backup services
7. Training
8. engineering, consulting, project management, service contracts on the SLA, helpdesk etc etc etc.

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