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CONCENTRIC Asia Pacific is the leading provider of technology for 3D design, engineering, manufacturing, risk assessment, data management, quality management, simulation, interactive training, virtual ergonomics, and visualisation to this region. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Digital Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Product Realisation, Visual Manufacturing (VM), Risk Lifecycle Management (RLM) and Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM).

These are complemented by teams of specialist engineers and technicians: CONCENTRIC Engineering Services and the CONCENTRIC Simulation Services Group.

A privately owned Australian company founded in 1983, we have strategic alliances with Dassault Systemes, LMS International, Right Hemisphere, Dyadem, Techviz, HP, IBM, CGTech, Gehry Technologies and other developers; and we are a part of a worldwide alliance with Argentum Design (India, US) and Digital Product Solutions (France). CONCENTRIC has been providing the Australian defence industry with technology and expertise in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management, Data Management, Engineering Analysis, Simulation and Virtual Reality, Manufacturing, and Engineering Services.

Four specialist teams provide focused expertise: CONCENTRIC Engineering Services, the CONCENTRIC Defence Business Group, CONCENTRIC Document Management Group, and the CONCENTRIC Simulation Group.

Our services capabilities include:

  • 3D design
  • 3D modelling
  • Animation Analysis (eg. finite element analysis)
  • At-elbow support
  • Back-up solutions
  • Collaboration
  • Contract engineers
  • Data exchange
  • Human simulation
  • Immersive training content
  • Implementation
  • Knowledge management
  • Laser Scanning
  • Model making
  • Motion capture
  • Network administration
  • NC programming
  • Part task trainers
  • Production engineering
  • Project management
  • Reverse engineering
  • Subject matter experts
  • Simulation Storage
  • Systems integration
  • Training
  • Virtual manufacturing
  • Virtual ergonomics
  • Virtual reality content
  • Visualisation

The CONCENTRIC Document Management Group is focused on providing defence organisations with complete visibility of data and processes including knowledge retention and reuse, document control and traceability, collaboration with suppliers and customers, management of project milestones and deliverables, and the management of IP assets. The CONCENTRIC Simulation Group, led by the former head of the Navy's Defence Modelling Group, is able to supply and support breakthrough simulation technology such as Virtools ( which has gone from the world of Playstation and Xbox to generating lifelike interactive simulation for operational/product training materials. People without deep programming expertise now have the tools to create interactivity and realism for immersive training and maintenance materials. It can be accessed online via PDA, tablet or laptop, using a heads up display, or in a virtual reality dome. The Group's digital content creators can also produce customised simulation content for all manner of part task trainers or immersive training equipment.

Complementary to this is our subsidiary business group, ENVIZAGE, which specialises in Digital Prototyping and has a ( Product Realisation Centre capable of low-volume manufacture [of simulators or simulator components from a variety of materials]. No project is too big or too small. From complex (classified) assignments requiring teams of engineers on-location over many months – performing as either an alternative or an extension to an existing engineering department - through to brief one-off projects. We can fulfil anything from 3D modelling, engineering analysis and reverse engineering (3D laser scanning) to data exchange, human simulation and customised training.

The following list of projects indicates that whatever your requirements are, CONCENTRIC is able to improve your performance, productivity, level of innovation, competitiveness and efficiencies.

  • Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD)
  • ANZAC class frigate
  • Adelaide class upgrade
  • Huon class minehunter
  • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • F111 engine intakes
  • Australian Aerospace Collins class submarine through-life program
  • Wedgetail (AWACS) Boeing F/A-18 flaps
  • Lockheed C130J flaps
  • Tiger (ARH) helicopter DSTO project CVAM (vulnerability assessment)
  • MRH90 helicopter
  • Eurofighter project
  • Nulka decoy
  • Air defence radar (TADRS)
  • M113 Armoured Personal Carrier upgrade
  • Portable micro filtration units
  • DoD Computer Modelling Group content
  • Participation in 6th NATO Specialist Team Meeting on Simulation Based Design and Virtual Prototyping
  • Engineering technology provider to the Australian Defence Force
  • Academy Technology provider to the Australian Maritime College
  • Sponsor/technology presenter of DEFDOC2008

CONCENTRIC is a member of the Australian Industry Defence Network, Simulation Industry Association of Australia, Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute, Advanced Manufacturing Australia. CONCENTRIC has a worldwide technology-expertise sharing alliance with Argentum Design (India, US) and DPS (France). There are more than 60 consultants, industry specialists and engineers located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide. CONCENTRIC is a member of the Australian Industry Defence Network, Simulation Industry Association of Australia, Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute, Advanced Manufacturing Australia.


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