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Manufacturers of the ThunderBolt Storm Detector®. Est. 1989 / First ThunderBolt to market in 2002. ThunderBolt is the “Gold Standard” in hand-held storm detection technology Worldwide.

Through the application of advanced electronics and proprietary software, ThunderBolt Storm Detector detects, identifies and tracks all storm activity within 75 miles of your location. Using a high-sensitivity receiver and proprietary ferrite antenna, ThunderBolt detects electromagnetic field emissions from lightning activity within a storm cell. It then converts this data into digital signals and feeds them to its microprocessor for analysis.

In addition to identifying the waveforms characteristic of storm activity, ThunderBolt performs continuous analysis of background electromagnetic interference (EMI) at your location every 2 seconds.

This function is critical for minimizing false triggering, and maintaining accuracy of storm warning data. Upon detection, storm cell movements are tracked and continuously updated with approach speed and ETA at user location, and displayed on its 2x16 LCD text screen.

The proprietary software also identifies multiple storm situations, and the presence of supercells or squall lines. Warning of these additional dangerous weather phenomena is displayed on the text screen. ThunderBolt has two different levels of automatic storm warning, audible and visible, which may be programmed using the audible tone and red LED’s. This allows for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of applications where different warning times are required. The ThunderBolt portable weather station operates up to 75 hours on a single 9-volt battery or continuously through it's AC adapter.

Storm and Lightning Detection Range
75 Miles (120 km in metric version)

Automatically Displays:
· Ranging
· Storm approach speed ( MPH or KPH with KM version)
· E.T.A. at User Location ( Minutes )
· Time to Clear( Minutes)
· Severe Storm/Squall Line Detection
· Detection Frequency: 10 kHz
· Computer analysis and detection of squall lines and severe storm cells
· Automatic background noise analysis and filtering

Warning modes
· Over 50 Text messages via 2 x 16 LCD
· Red LED Warning light
· Audible tone
· User selectable warning modes and frequencies

Power and size
· Power supply: One 9V battery (70 Hours+ of operation)
· 120 VAC adapter or 220 VAC adapter
· Size: 6.4" x 3.4" x 1.5"; Weight: 14 oz.

Spectrum provides live, toll-free technical product support, and we’re also available through our TechHelp email, techhelp@spectrumthunderbolt.com, 24/7, 365 days a year.

ThunderBolt has been engineered to be repaired and maintained. Unlike most electronic products today that are designed to become obsolete or throw-a-ways.ThunderBolt is protected by a 2-year limited warranty. ThunderBolt comes with a 45-Day NO RISK guarantee. It may be returned for a complete refund if it fails to satisfy you. We are confident that even though ThunderBolt sounds great on paper, you will discover it to be way beyond cool when it is in your hand and text-talking you through its first storm.

ThunderBolt is designed to be used with only the highest quality components. ThunderBolt is ROHS compliant and 100% recyclable.

In use by all branches of the US Armed forces, Schools and Universities, Youth Sports, Outdoor and sports enthusiasts, State and local governments,and Industries including: Mining,Oil and Gas, Chemical, Nuclear, Utilities, Construction, Logging, Pipelines, Forestry, Aviation, and many more.

Visit : www.thunderbolttechnology.com
In North America call: 1-877-738-7330
Worldwide: 011-678-578-5900
Email: salesinquiry@spectrum-electronics.com

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