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Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek is a producer and trading company of a large scale of technical rubberproducts.
Besides the production of rubber moulded and extruded products Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek is a well known supplier of technical plastics, metal and sheet jointing gaskets, industrial and composite hoses and couplings as well as PVC strip curtains.

Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek is a supplier in almost all industrial markets as well as shipbuilding and petrochemical industry. Untill 1993 the company was also known as Heeneman Rubbertechniek with a long history at the Zuiderweg in Hoogkerk, near the city of Groningen.

In 1993, the company became part of the International dealing Hofland Deltaflex Group, which in 1997 merged into the Royal Econosto Group. In 2001 the company moved to a modern production facilities in the Groningen village of Leek. Since 2006 Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek left the Econosto Group and became an independent company which is nowadays an interesing player on the martket of rubber products, sealing products, hoses and PVC Strip Curtains. As well in the Netherlands as abroad.

Large scale of own products:

Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek BV produces rubber products in small (mostly custom made) and large series. Almost every vulcanisation technique is available; injection and compression moulding, extrusion as well as modification as sticking, cutting, bonding and sealing.

Machinery and compounding rubber:

We have a large variety in our machinery and also many thousands of moulds. The compounding of rubber is carried out according to our own recipes.
Addtional services such as sticking, cutting and vulcanisation to other materials as metal or plastics are core activities of Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek.
In our productionfacilities in Leek we have about 15 vulcanisation presses of various dimensions, the biggest press measures about 1.500 x 1.500 mm. For larger series we use fast injectionpresses with automatic cycli. For small series we have many opportunities to start production on short terms. Most of the standard compounds are on stock. Also special compounds can be made available in less than 2 weeks after date of order. For new mouldingproducts and profiles we have to make a new tool.
The customer is only charged for a part of the toolingcosts.
Our extrusion department is situated to produce smaller series (from ± 100 meter, depending on the dimensions of the profile) as well as larger series (kilometers). We mostly succeed this in short deliverytimes, in which the whole way from sampling till delivery of the whole order will be communicated with the customer. Many profiles we develop to solve problems in current situations with our customers. We produce in almost every rubber compound. Also profiles in TPE are possible. Examples of extrusionproducts are: Lipprofiles for tankseals, Hatchprofiles, Gaskets for hatchcovers, Fenders, Autoclave gaskets, Door profiles Windowprofiles and Gasketprofiles in many dimensions (also co-extrusion) The production of extrusiontools is part of the productionprocess and realised in our own production.
Because of the enormous possibilities and usage of rubber, our products are used in almost every industry. From shipbuilding to interiorbuilders, from OEM companies to transport: you will find the products of Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek everywhere.
Our new Aristo digital cutting machine gives us many possibilities to produce many products out of sheeting material such as rubber, pvc as well as gasket materials. If a drawing and sheeting material is available, the shortest deliverytime can be realised. 

Special Products

Also for special projects and products Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek has proven their skills and differences in activities. For one of their customs they build a helicopterdeck, which could be de-assembled. Also the painting of the rubber deck was realised by Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek. Other samples of special products are rubber-to-metal parts as rubber on slibs for valves, pads for the offshore industry and heavy duty machines, wheelchocks for airplanes, chocks for luggage cars, hose holders for gaspumps, parts for trains. The options for production are indefinite.


Many rubber parts are many times devellopped later in the productionfase of machinery or constructions. Calculations of shrinking or changing of dimensions with heavy duty of the materials as well as selecting the right qualities and hardnesses of the rubber we offer your engineers our expertise and assist. Examples of special developped products are: Heavy duty parts for offshore Vacuumproducts Bellows in many different dimensions Wheelchocks for airplanes Belts for containers Helidecks for luxurous yachts Gaskets for special situations The last develloped own product is the new HDRT MIBS Ipactblock. This impactblock for loading docks and dockshelters, protect your building for damages caused by trucks when (un)loading. The HDRT Impactblock is special, caused by its design and usage of different materials. TNO tested the HDRT MIBS sytem and their conclusion was very positive. The lifetime of the new system is much longer than that of the regular used rubber blocks. Also the mountingsystem which is very easy, causes a lot of profit by shorter changingtimes. For more information please visit our special website (for now: only in Dutch) www.impactblok.nl Together with our customers we often engineer new, special extrusion- and moulding products. With our large practical experience in proccessing of rubber, we help you in solving tecnical problems with competative prices. Sometimes we also use external specialsts for engineering new product. One of our partners is Viaferro Engineering from Nijbeets www.viaferro.nl

Applications of our products:You will find our products in the petrochemical industry, civil engineering, the automotive industry, transport, entertainment and many other industry. In short, wherever rubber offers a suitable solution, we can be of service. General industry; vibration pads, supporting blocks, mats and runners, transformer mats, bushes and sleeves, wheel and roller coverings, 
Civil engineering; expansion profiles sealing profiles in locks fenders bearings road jointing strips etc.
Automotive industry; bushes bellows, mudguards, window and autobody profiles, buffer blocks, tightening straps, auxiliary springs, rubber pedals, etc.
Chemical and petrochemical industries; gaskets, tank covers, primary and secondary tank seals, bushes and sleeves.


Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek is supplier of an enormous range of standard products which normally are available from stock. For example rubber sheeting, runners and mats, rubber tiles, design flooring rubber, hatch profiles, rubber cord, Temasil or Temagraph sheet jointing, a well as standard gaskets in EN1514-1 or ASME B16.21, hoses, fenders and shockabsorbers.

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