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Nous Electronic & Biosecurity One Inc. Canada (NEBO) is a recognized global leader in providing innovative defence and controlled solutions. Our regional support office is based in Dubai, UAE.

NEBO has one of the strongest client, agent and support network in Middle East Region. NEBO represents and manages innovative NBC defense solutions and products for world leader manufactures:

BLÜCHER (SARATOGA):BLÜCHER is the world market leader in the development and production of adsorptive compound materials for CBRN protection. BLÜCHER has a tradition of innovation and excellence resulting in a unique combination of advanced filtration and adsorption technologies, state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities, and successful practical expertise, developed over more than 35 years. BLÜCHER is the sole manufacturer of SARATOGA® Personal Permenable CBRN Protective Clothing and filter fabrics. SARATOGA® CBRN Protective Suits are worn exclusively by all of the service personnel of the US Forces. 38 other nations as well as 2 Supranational Organiszations are also using SARATOGA® CBRN Protective Suits. The advantages of SARATOGA® include its high adsorptive capacity, long wear time, high degree of air permeability for cooling, optimal balance of high protection and low heat stress, high level of mechanical stability, and low life cycle costs. SARATOGA® - Unparalleled Protection

DuPont: DuPont makes innovative materials, apparel and textiles to help protect people ‐ and the world we share - for today and tomorrow. The world’s leading brands producer; DuPont™ Kevlar®, Nomex® , Tychem®, Teflon® and Tyvek® . We are committed to applying our science and innovation to help provide the best materials for the protective apparel and textile industries in the future. From apparel to upholstery, Teflon® fabric protector provides durable, long-lasting protection against dust and dry soil, oil- and water-based stains. Fabrics with Teflon® are easier to care for, and stay looking newer longer. DuPont™ Sorona® takes sustainable clothing to new levels of performance and style. It offers a variety of performance benefits and is versatile enough to adapt to all different types of fibers and fabrics.

RSDecon (RSDL): RSDL is a patented, broad spectrum skin decontamination product intended to remove/neutralize chemical warfare (CW) agents or T2 toxin. Its the ONLY Skin Decontamination Lotion designed to be Carried by Warfighters and First Responders Worldwide. RDSL is Tested and Proven Effective by the US DoD and Multiple and is cleared as Safe by the US FDA, European CE and Australian TGA. Its Fielded by US and NATO Militaries.



Energizer Tactical and Professional Products: Energizer manufactures innovative Heavy-duty Tactical Flashlights and lighting for industrial, safety and police use. The products are provided with a life time warranty and operate in extreme whither and work conditions.


Wolfpack Gear, Inc.: The mission of Wolfpack Gear is to improve the overall safety and quality of the line packs and products that rescue and firefighters use everyday. Dedicated to safety, comfort, and strength, all Wolfpack Gear products undergo the most rigorous testing available. Wolfpack Gear has led the industry in developing higher standards. Wolfpack Gear continues to go beyond conventional technology and has been committed to finding the most rugged, long-lasting materials available.


The full range of our products and services can be obtained by contacting us at In addition, NEBO provides a wide range of professional services including Market development, Distribution, business intelligence and research

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