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Amorim Cork Composites has been the leader company on innovative applications using cork, inside the Amorim Group, world leader on cork products.
The main markets are in B2B, in sectors like; building; wood; automotive; transportation; shoe; upholstery; naval and special niche markets like aerospace; special containers; friction elements, etc.
Amorim Cork Composites produce three kinds of semi-finished products: granules, blocks/cylinders and sheets. The cork granules are separated according density and size, on-line controlled by SPC methods. The production of the blocks or cylinders can be by agglomeration or vulcanization, using different polymers, according the specified properties for the final use. These materials are applied in segments such as aerospace, aeronautics, composites and construction as a natural acoustic and thermal barrier.
In some cases, we produce final products, ready to be used (gaskets, vibration pads, etc).
All new applications and processes of cork are study and initiated inside the company by a research team and dedicated laboratory.

Fields of expertise
The company strategy is to enlarge the applications field of Cork, using state-of-art technologies, to supply high value applications. Due to that, Amorim has invested heavily on development areas, strengthening the R&D department and co-funding research and development projects in several areas.
It has a consistent background in applications like:
- Vibration control
- Thermal control in static conditions
- Thermal control in dynamic conditions
- Cryogenic insulation
- High temperature control
- Sealing and gaskets
- Friction control

Technology competences
Worldwide competences in special cork composites for thermal and vibration control.
Competences in Corkrubber gaskets for automotive and industrial sectors.
Thermal shields for very high or very low temperatures.

Services and support
A continuous client support is the basis of our 130 years of history.
Partnership in the development or improvements with the clients is also a major driven of our company.

Main products for space applications are:
- TPS - Thermal Protection Systems – product range for heat shields and thermal control;
- CoreCork – product range of cores for FRP structures;
- ACM – ACoustic Material solutions – product range for damping control.
- TechSeal – Cork base sealing techniques, for a wide range of applications.
- Cork granules with extreme control for spraying uses in thermal control.


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