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MATAS - Specialist in high-tech Electronics

Matas operates as a growing market leader in the production of specialised electronics in several market segments which specialises in high quality electronic products of all sizes and configurations. Their ambition is the production of small to medium-sized repetitive batch assembly. With the distinct ability to be flexible, and complex, while maintaining high quality and continuity of production in combination with excellent pricing. This is accomplished by the personal approach to doing business, with optimal attention to the individual requirements of the client.

Matas is a middle-sized electronics company, with remarkable qualities. One of these is the skill to quickly, accurately and for an outstanding price and quality, carry out either simple or complex production orders. A wide range of equipment and machinery that specialises in the manufacturing of high-quality electronic products in all sizes and compositions is fundamental to the production of components for a divergent market. In short, those who are looking for high quality professional electronics will find that Matas will exceed there expectations.


Automatic Conventional Placement
Matas has a 60 band sequencer and an axial inserter. With these machines we place all axial conventional components like resistors, diodes, condensers etc. Matas assembles all PCB automatically. Even with very small batches. The great advantage of automatic assembly is not just the speed, but thanks to this, the placement mistakes, like wrong values or polarisation belong to the past.

Matas has two Deltawave solder-machines from Soltec, and these guarantee excellent performance. One of the machines is already adapted for the coming lead-free era. We are very proud of the fact that we are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that is already capable of producing lead-free products.

SMD assembly
In this department, Matas has two DEK Horizon screen printers, Mydata MY-12, MY-15 and a MY-100 placement-machines and a Soltec Quantis reflow oven with ten separate zones.
The SMD department is set-up and organized in such a way that we can work fast and be flexible without losing our high quality. Therefore it is not a problem to place a BGA and micro BGA. The department has its own –very spacious- paternoster for SMD-components.

Visual control
At Matas we leave nothing to chance. Every PCB is visually checked by the inspection-department. We use the most modern inspection-, solder- and solder tools and thus leave nothing to chance. The people from the inspection-team are all I PC-A-6 1 0 certified and have a sharp eye for details.

Inspection and testing
The proof of the pudding……… Nothing leaves Matas until it is tested. Testing is knowing. We have all the necessary programming-tools for the programming of E-proms, microcontrollers etc. in our test facility. Besides functional testing Matas also has a boundaryscan, VXI and ICT test systems. Under climate controlled conditions we can do burn-in tests with various temperature and humidity levels.

In this department we not only finish panels and provide the systems with wiring, but we also assemble complete systems. The completion of storage- and controlling devises for agricultural products, water treatment equipment, telecom installations, GPRS systems and fluid detection-devises etc. are just a few examples of this.


The certification of our quality control systems conform to ISO 9001:2000, IPC-A-610 Company Certification and IPC-A-610 Worker Proficiency. This makes it possible for the client to see clearly the Matas commitment to quality control, client-satisfaction, and our ambition to continually improve our quality control systems.

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