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Productdevelopment, electronics

Hortec develops and assembles electronics based products. Our clients’ specifications form the basis of these activities. Thanks to our many years of experience and specific know-how, at Hortec every concept grows into a well thought-out product.

Hortec has successfully completed numerous projects for the aeronautics industry, the medical sector, military applications, the automotive industry and other market sectors. You will find several well-known companies in our list of references.

As a Full Service Provider, Hortec can serve you in the following areas:

  • Development
  • Assembly
  • Service & Repair

Services - Development

Feasibility study

The development of a new product or the modification of an existing product is often preceded by a feasibility study. Hortec has experience in setting-up and supervising feasibility studies.

Subsidy and credit applications support

Many developments in the field of electronics can qualify for one or more subsidies. Hortec can offer you advice about this. We support our clients in their subsidy applications, which (depending on the project) can amount to up to 40% of the total financing. In the area of credit applications Hortec can play an advisory role too.

Standards and approvals

All of the products that Hortec develops are tested in an independent laboratory. They comply with the CE standard that is compulsory in Europe. In addition various industries are governed by specific standards, such as the KEMA mark, the GS mark, TÜV, IEC standards, EN standards, UL standards, MIL standards and DO standards. Hortec has the specific know-how to guide its clients through any extra approval procedures that may be required.

Structured development process

At Hortec, product development is carried out in structured phases and in close cooperation with the client. Hortec engineers focus on the end-user of the product and work from this perspective towards the solution. You’ll get to know Hortec as a partner who goes further than just carrying out your project. Right from the start we’ll think with you to arrive at a perfect product.

Clever choice of components

The choice of components to be used is always given careful consideration. In making this choice we consider factors such as the price, the availability and the ability to obtain type approval in compliance with the relevant legislation (CE, TÜV and UL). It regularly occurs that the components specified in the clients’ specifications are too expensive or may be difficult to source (in the future). In these cases we can suggest better alternatives.

Hortec can do this for you:

  • Project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Product development based on the clients’ specification
  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Drawing circuit diagrams and designing printed circuit boards
  • Advice and implementation in the field of standards and certifications
  • Advice and assistance in looking for and applying for subsidies and credit for new developments


Services - Assembly

SMD and TH assembly

The assembly technique that will be used is chosen during the development phase: surface mounted components (SMD) that are placed by machine or conventional Through Hole components (TH) that are placed by hand. The size of the series and the complexity of the product will determine which assembly technique is most suitable. Hortec has a broad range of experience with both techniques and can handle series of any size, including one-off products.

Certified operators

Hortec can carry out the assembly of the electronics either in-house or externally. We have a highly motivated team that consists of technicians, who are specialised in industrial electronics, and machine operators. All of our employees are trained and certified in accordance with the IPC-A-610 standard.

Advanced machine park

Hortec is completely self-supporting in the field of electronics assembly. To this end we have 5 SMD pick & place machines, two stencil printers, two reflow ovens and dual wave soldering machines. The production halls are ESD-safe. During assembly, quality controls are carried out in accordance with the procedures defined in the quality manual. During the final control, products are subjected to a functional test. Hortec is ISO-9001 certified.

Hortec can do this for you:

  • Components purchasing
  • Print assembly SMD
  • Print assembly TH
  • Final assembly and testing in accordance with the client’s specification
  • Logistics
  • Prototype production
  • Pilot series production
  • Series production

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