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Floral Mile
United Kingdom

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Mabey & Johnson offer the military user a package of modular steel bridging equipment plus support services including training and manuals. The primary mission of the Mabey Logistic Support Bridge is for use on Main Supply Routes to upgrade routes for heavier traffic, replace damaged civilian bridges, replace assault and general support bridges and to provide a long span floating bridge capability. The system is capable of carrying loads to MLC80 Tracked and MLC110 Wheeled and is designed to be left in situ as a semi-permanent bridge. To fulfil this requirement the bridge requires only minimal maintenance. > Capable of taking continuous traffic > Extra wide single lane width 4.2m > Clear spans up to 61m > Multi-span bridges can be built over fixed and floating supports > Built on a green field sites by sitting on grillages and using ramps >Can be built using in-service construction equipment >Easily returned to stock after use >Rugged with long fatigue life


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