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Voice Communications solutions for Air Defense; Radio Dispatch; Air Traffic Control and other mission critical operations centers. Switchplus products and building blocks also used for tactical and deployable communications include: 4-port Radio Interface Unit(RIU) for linking radios, telephones and operators across an IP network;  Operator Interface Unit (OIU) for headset, handset, and speaker connections at the operator's desk; and Commserver Unit (CSU) for  Radio/Voice Over IP switching and conferencing capability.

Complete voice communications sub-system design, integration, and support services can be provided. Customers worldwide include end-users and prime contractors.

C4i History:
· First generation VME based Voice Communications product was developed
o designed for emergency response systems at airports and utility companies
o based on touch screen user interface providing ease of use integrated communications, alarm and monitoring
o initial deployment was the Alarmon project for Air Services Australia providing an integrated alarm, monitoring and communications system for the management of emergency services at Australian airports
o further contracts were awarded by Australian state government utility companies for similar applications

· In the later part of the 1990’s C4i, then named Redflex Communications Systems, developed its second generation Digital Voice and Data voice switch – Switchplus
o this product focused on dual redundant, fault tolerant star topology architecture allowing switching of various radio, telephony, cryptographic and data circuits.
o market opportunities moved from emergency response to the defence
o product development specifically addressed the MIL-STD requirements, allowing the Switchplus product to be used in both mobile (tactical) and fixed command and control applications
o C4i had its first international success, with a training system for the NZ Navy
o Other deployments of Switchplus included major Airports in Air Traffic Control Towers (Dubai, Mauritius, Fiji), Air Defence Systems, Naval Communications Systems, and civil command and control systems

· The late 1990’s also saw the development of specific red/black communications products for niche applications in Air Defence environments and the delivery of mission critical systems to air forces in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. C4i gained both US and Australian defence accreditations for the Red/Black products

· The Switchplus product was well accepted in various Defence and Civil command and control applications around the world with a growing reference list of customers and sites
· Due to the international successes, particularly in the United States, C4i Inc was established in Reston, Virginia (Washington DC) with contracts being secured both directly and indirectly with the US Navy, US Air Force, and US Army
· 2004 saw C4i commence development of its third generation Switchplus product, which is based on open standards Internet Protocol
o product development was accelerated with the provision of an R&D Grant from the Australian Government
o with deployed systems in the USA, Australia, Middle East, Europe and Asia, C4i is a market leader in Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology for mission critical systems
o the VoIP enabled product was specifically developed for mission critical environments, where the disciplines from previous military project development was applied to this new product
o C4i developed this third generation product specifically to address the key vertical markets in which it operates

Today (2009):

· C4i’s South Melbourne, Australia operations include a multi-skilled software, hardware, test, and systems engineering team working in specifically designed and dedicated integration lab while in Reston, Virginia, C4i possess an experienced and knowledgeable sales and after-sales support team. C4i Inc has recently moved to larger premises in Reston to accommodate the growth in staff and business

· C4i continues to enhance its Switchplus IP product, with greater than 10% of revenues invested in R&D year on year
· The current Generation 3 Switchplus product provides enhanced capability through its decentralized architecture
· The Switchplus platform offers a very small footprint, has been designed for both mobile and fixed environments, and is extremely intelligent, thereby allowing for future enhancements through software
· A new product line has also emerged for the Mobile Dismount Market. C4i has a number of small footprint vehicle based communications systems with the US Army
· The flexibility offered by this new generation product can been seen by the diverse range of recent projects with Police Forces in Denmark and Australia, Defence Forces in USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, Road Transport Authorities in Abu Dhabi and NSW, and Alarmon systems at airports in Australian and Abu Dhabi

Technology Investment & Development:
· Over the two decades of C4i operations our products have significantly advanced with C4i continuing to reinvest in R&D
· The latest generation applies the lessons learnt from previous technologies to an open standards technology currently used by a variety of markets
· C4i continues to actively invest in R&D with its flagship product continuing to be enhanced to incorporate all multimedia formats, both current and emerging

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