Safran Helicopter Engines Chooses the Q.series

Safran Helicopter Engines Chooses the Q.series
Darmstadt, Germany - Jul 12, 2012 - Safran Helicopter Engines is a french manufacturer of com-pres-sors and turbines for the aviation industry, among its customers Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo and Sikorsky. For the metrological design of future test stands were the products from four manufacturers tested, and the companies rated on quality in production, and in all functional processes. Safran Helicopter Engines selects Gantner Instruments as manufac-turer and accredited according to strict rules. All turbines are tested for their mechanical and thermodynamic behavior.
The main requirements for this type of testing are:

- Acquisition of hundreds of measurement channels in the kHz range
- Galvanic isolation up to 1200 V
- Signal Conditioning
- Robustness and modularity
- Synchronized recording of all channels
- Measurement system can be synchronized to an external time reference (NTP or IRIG)


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