Temet’s Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Filtration Unit

Temet’s Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Filtration Unit
Helsinki, Finland - Apr 15, 2009 - Temet’s regenerative CO2 filtration unit uses regenerative filter technology to provide fresh air to sealed environments and eliminate storage and waste issues associated with previous CO2 scrubbers. Temet is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of hardened shelter critical equipment including blast valves, blast doors, NBC filtration systems and regenerative CO2 removal systems.

In environments where fresh air cannot be supplied CO2 can rapidly build to life threatening levels. Nuclear submarines, hardened shelters and the International Space Station are examples of environments where CO2 scrubbers are needed to reduce levels of CO2 to levels which sustain life.
Previous CO2 filters normally used either soda-lime or lithium hydroxide systems. These filters worked like a sponge, removing the CO2 from the air. When the filters became saturated with CO2, they needed to be replaced with fresh filters. This required storage of fresh and saturated filters.

Temet’s regenerative filters are designed to adsorb CO2 from the air and release the CO2 in a controlled process. This allows the use of the same filters for extreme long duration situations without storage or waste problems. Temet’s regenerative CO2 filtration units are designed for quality air production and efficient use of space. The Temet CO2 filtration unit’s operation is automated to maximize shelter efficiency and comfort. Temet’s ESL CO2 scrubber has been sold to customers in Europe, South-East Asia and the Middle East.

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