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Assensys B.V. is the single remaining company in the Netherlands able to produce and handle systems with energetic material ( explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics) on industrial basis Assensys main activities and market consist of processing and integration of energetic material for defence, para military and civil market. BtoB and BtoGov’t. Melting, pouring and pressing of high explosives Processing and assy of pyrotechnics: tracer, flare, incendiary ,delay compositions (Dis)Assembly and overhaul of cartridges, fuzes, igniters, primers, charges, rocket systems Production of Rounds .50”, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40mm, in AP(HC)(I)(T), AP(FS)DS-T, (IR)-Tracer, HE, Specials in small caliber Mortar bombs 60, 81, 120mm, Tank 105, 120mm How 105, 155 in HE, Ill, WP, ER and Exc. War heads for torpedo’s, mines, rocket systems and destruction charges Boosters HE and flash Explosive forming projectiles Explosive bolts for technical, safety and security purposes.

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