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Tracemed Consulting RFID had developped an activity of military and medical softwore for traceability, and have now a RFID Consultant activity

Tracemed is a subdivision of VERGER BRUN (Family Group, NATO code FAMT4)
Traceme received 5 first prices to the international show of Inventor of Geneva 2006 for the game of software Tracemed emergency and Tracemat Logistic by RFID for" Management of products, paramedics and patients during a bio-terrorist attack"

Tracemed Uses RFID and Wireless for Emergency Patient Care

French systems integrator Tracemed has developed a system using TI’s RFID tags to improve patient treatment during emergencies, including major accidents, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters.

The system allows instant recording of a patient’s complete medical condition and treatment information on an RFID wristband as they are treated at the emergency site or in an ambulance. The patient’s information can also be sent to the hospital by radio link using GPRS, Tetrapol, or satellite providing hospital staff access to details on injuries and treatment before the patient arrives, allowing faster and more accurate medical response. The RFID system is designed to replace handwritten paper records or barcodes, which can be misread, lost or easily damaged.

Each patient is fitted with a wristband containing a 13.56 MHz RFID inlay, enabling the medical data to be carried with each patient and updated on the fly. Medical and treatment information is written to and read from the RFID tags using mobile PCs or PDAs featuring Verger Brun Tracemed’s TRACEMED© software, which manages the storage and transmission of the data. Using Bluetooth technology, the PDAs are linked to the ambulance’s communications system, as well as to mobile medical equipment such as electrocardiographs, or blood pressure and blood gas analysers, allowing medical data to be downloaded and stored to the wristbands as part of the patient’s file. For patient safety, all of this information is password protected.

Handheld PDAs also improve the quality of patient care by giving medical staff immediate access to databases of treatment protocols, drugs and toxicology. With 2-way data communication with the hospital, staff can make important decisions about the course of treatment before the patient even arrives at the hospital.

Tracemed French Army Tracks Emergency Equipment With RFid Tags 2kb 13.56 Mghz ISO 15693

The French army has chosen RFID technology to identify and track emergency survival equipment such as life rafts and life jackets. The system, designed by Verger Brun Tracemed of France, will help the military forces more effectively manage their inventory, ensuring that the proper equipment is in the right place at the right time.

For this mission critical application, the French army is using 13.56 MHz laundry tags designed to withstand exposure to chemicals, high temperatures and other harsh industrial processes. Unlike bar codes or paper labels, these RFID tags are unaffected by water, dirt, mud, or other environmental conditions, and meet stringent IP 68 environmental ratings.

Fully compatible with ISO 15693, the tags offer 2,000 bits of data storage and can be easily updated with information such as date of manufacture, service or maintenance records, or other specifications. Verger Brun Tracemed can easily embed these ultra-thin tags into the French army’s assets, from clothing to emergency equipment, creating a more efficient system to identify and track these items using its TRACEMAT© software.

In order to work with the French army, Verger Brun Tracemed obtained NATO (FAMT4) approval for TI’s rugged laundry tag (code RF-HDT-DVBB-NO). This rating allows NATO member countries to use this technology in other military applications, as well.

Jean-Philippe VERGER is now Vice President of the Professional Francophone Federation of RFID in charge of Homeland Security & Army.
GSM FR + 33 6 77 54 93 01T

Tracemed Consulting RFID had developped an activity of military and medical softwore for traceability.

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