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EagleEyeOS™ Products (versions): Easy Series (Easy Folder Protection, Easy Quarantine, Easy Zone) One (One Free, One Plus, One Xtend), Financials, Professional (Professional Low, Professional Guarded, Professional Elevated, Professional High, Professional Severe, Professional OEM). Purpose of EagleEyeOS™ products are to provide concrete solution for the small & medium size companies and for the corporate to protect data and documentation stored electronically in efficient and recent way.

Product Site: (Home, SMB, Business, Enterprise solutions, additional Tools, and Services).

Technical Center Site: (Technical documents and information, Services and Product Downloads and Product Updates)

Knowledge Base and Online Help Site: (Product Help materials, Tutorials, User and Installation Guides).

SaveAs Plc. main profiles: are ISO 9001:2008 (NAT and UKAS) certified Information-protection consultancy, Business management consultancy and System level software development. Company has the “Suitable supplier for NATO tenders” qualification also.

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