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As part of the Marshall Group of Companies, Marshall Land Systems (MLS) is an established and innovative business that has core values of agility, integrity and quality. The company has re-focussed its land system subsidiaries in order to expand support to land and joint system customers worldwide.

In one grouping MLS incorporates Marshall Specialist Vehicles (Protected Workspace), Marshall Vehicle Engineering (Protected Logistics), Marshall Systems Design Group (Capability Development) and Marshall Fleet Solutions (Fleet Management).

MLS provides an integrated specialist approach to the design, supply and through life capability management of its own and other company’s products in the military equipment, government non military security and deployed infrastructure sectors.

The main MLS products and projects are:

Marshall Specialist Vehicles (MSV)

MSV provide protected workspace by shelter and vehicle borne solutions such as:

  • Matrix Military Shelters
  • Expandable Matrix Shelters
  • Integrated Systems
  • Mobile Field Hospitals
  • Ambulances
  • C4I centres
  • HQ’s
  • Workshops
  • Ground Stations
  • Deployable Camp Infrastructure

Marshall Vehicle Engineering (MVE)

MVE provide protected logistics based on crew and load protection.

  • Load beds
  • Armoured Applications
  • Riot Protection Kits

Marshall Systems Design Group (MSDG)

MSDG focus on capability development and rapid solutions to urgent operational requirements.

  • Unattended Ground Vehicles (UGVs) especially those that are autonomous
  • Unattended Air Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Ground and Control Stations
  • Power Management
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Communications systems design
  • EMC, EMI, EMP designs
  • Defence Consultancy

Marshall Fleet Solutions (MFS)

MFS is the UK’s largest vehicle-mounted refrigeration maintenance company. It specialises in all aspects of commercial and military vehicle repair. MFS is the UK's largest Thermo King Sales and Service dealer.  

  • Tail Lift, Trailer and Ancillary Products
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning design, maintenance and repair
  • Fleet Management
  • Service, Maintenance and Through Life Support at their own depots, the customer's location or at the roadside.

By focussing on its core values of agility, integrity and quality MLS is adept at fulfilling requirements to time, cost and performance; products are designed and built for all climatic and environmental extremes. The company is committed to providing exemplary customer service through life support and has a business stream devoted to this.

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