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Innovative Filter Technology

Blücher Technologies: A tradition of innovation.

Blücher GmbH in Erkrath can look back over a history that spans forty years. Still in family hands, this traditional company has retained its very high ethical claim of: Always focusing our activities on protecting life.

The core business of Blücher GmbH is the development and production of high-efficiency filter technologies. Based on spherical, high-performance adsorbers - in principle similar to activated carbon - pollutants, smells and other unwanted substances are reliably filtered out of gases and fluids and safely bonded. For optimum protection and comfort in all circumstances, whether in action, at work or play.

High-tech as a principle

Blücher has developed very special and unique production methods that allow product characteristics such as shape, mechanical and adsorptive capacities to be individually customised for optimum performance across a huge range of highly demanding applications. This combination of flexibility and hyper-performance is one of the reasons for Blücher’s global technological leadership in spherical high-performance adsorbers.
These spherical adsorbers are very porous. This structure produces an immensely large internal surface on which the filtered substances can safely be deposited.

The net result is a truly high-tech system that knows no equal in terms of efficiency, flexibility and above all safety in its protective effect.

A quality management system that lives up to its name.

Successful innovations demand the most modern and efficient production methods. The Blücher-Group manufactures its core components solely in its own state-of-the-art plants in Germany and US. The entire range of the production process starting from raw materials through to intermediate products all the way up to sophisticated system solutions is in Blücher hands and is constantly monitored and controlled by its own labs.

This ensures that the high quality standards are always met and that no deviations or inaccuracies can creep into the process. These checks continue right up until the finished product, which is then ultimately inspected and approved by independent, internationally recognised institutes.
This self-contained production process makes it possible to develop customised product solutions at any time and to the very highest degree of precision.

Flexibility and versatility as strengths.

Blücher filter technologies are used wherever undesirable or even hazardous pollution has to be eliminated.
The range is very varied, from odour adsorption, air and water filtration right through to personal protection against chemical and biological toxins.

A healthy living and working environment
The architectural blunders of past years still have far-reaching consequences. Contaminated buildings have to be completely remediated or even demolished. But this often proves impossible. The special "Permasorb" wallpaper provides a fast, affordable and reliable remedy.
Pollutants such as PCB or formaldehyde in the walls are firmly and permanently bonded by the highly activated adsorbers. This restores a healthy climate inside rooms.

Dressed for Freshness
It is often impossible to prevent the formation of odours in clothing and shoes that are worn frequently or used in sports.
Blücher offers a reliable filter system against the development of every type of odour. Around 500,000 adsorbers have been invisibly integrated into a single pair of shoes, for example. All odours are securely and reliably bonded on their overall inner surface area, the total size of which roughly corresponds to an area equivalent to two football pitches.

Life Protection
Research, development and innovation have made Blücher a world market leader for CBRN protection. Over 8 million of Blücher’s SARATOGA® brand protective suits and systems in over 40 countries speak for themselves. Even the most demanding task forces, including OPCW inspectors who are confronted with CBRN hazards every single day, rely on SARATOGA® from Blücher.

The SARATOGA® systems include not only CBRN but also ballistic protection as well as protection against foul weather, fire and cold. But comfort too is also taken seriously. Integrated ventilation systems for cooling and moisture management with designed-in weight minimisation reduce the physical strain and ensure adequate mobility. What''s more, the SARATOGA® protective suits can be put on quickly and easily.

A breath of fresh air
The SARATECH® filter technology brand from Blücher provides clean air in aircraft and also in specialised vehicles that are deployed in environments that are hazardous to health.
The applications for SARATECH® odour adsorbers that can be found in supporting roles relating to domestic equipment and air-purifying devices also guarantee a better quality of life.

SARATECH® products are even used in demanding industrial production processes that require the cleanest of air environments, such as semiconductor production.

Clean water, the elixir of life
The level of pollution in drinking water from industrial effluents as well as residues from pharmaceuticals and chemicals is rising.
This development is accompanied by growing demands on drinking water and industry needs increasingly high-purity water for its production processes.
Thanks to their purity, excellent adsorptive properties and mechanical strength, SARATECH® adsorbers are singularly ideally suited for perfect ultrapure water filtration.

Tailored problem solving

As a result of our unique production processes the properties of the adsorbers can be individually adapted and tuned to meet a vast range of specialised requirements, needs and applications. Product characteristics such as the shape, mechanical and adsorptive properties can be individually determined and realised for specially tailored problem solving.

Blücher GmbH
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