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01dB-Metravib is producing Gunfire Detection and Localization Systems named PILARw, available in Ground and Vehicle Versions. These systems detect and locate small and mediums calibers, RPGs, mortars... They can be coupled with an observation turret for threat identification purpose or to Ermore Weapon Systems for immediate reaction. PILARw systems are in service in many Armed Forces in the world and are currently used in External Operations.

The Fixed Sites Protection configuration allows efficient Camp protection with the combination of acoustics and optronics sensors (thermal imagers optional).

The new Vehicle configuration allows cost-effective integration and provides active protection to the vehicle: in an instant, the crew is informed about the enemy position (and the weapon caliber) and the RWS can be slewed to its position. Grid coordinates of the shooter is also available, allowing accurate data transmission to other vehciles or air support for example. PILARw is also available for Fast Patrol Boats and helicopters.

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