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11-502, Songpingshan, Langshan Road, North Area, Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan,
518057, Shenzhen, Guangdong

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AMWEI Thermistor, professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistors (THERMally sensitive resistors) and thermistor temperature sensors probe. PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistor application covers over-current & overload protection, telecom, lighting switching, motor starting, temperature sensing & protection, self-regulation heating, linear PTC thermistor, silicon temperature sensor. NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor application covers power thermistor for inrush current suppressing limiting, NTC thermistor for temperature measurement, indicator, temperature compensation, temperature control, in either radial leaded, axial leaded or surface mount configuration. Can also make custom thermistors assemblies and temperature probes, housed in either stainless steel, copper, plastic, teflon, aluminum, epoxy and heat shrinkable tubing, such as air/gas temperature sensors, surface temperature sensors and immersion temperature sensors, etc.

AMWEI PTC and NTC thermistor has been widely applied in the field of telecom & network, HVAC & R,home electric appliance, white goods, food service, consumer electronics, lighting, office automation equipment, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, meter & instrumentation, data logger, power supply and transformer, industrial process control etc.
HVAC applications include indoor/outdoor air temperature, duct air temperature & water temperature.
Thermistor sensors play a vital part in the efficiency of white goods by measuring and controlling the temperature of water, steam, air, food, as well as the electronic circuitry.
Thermistors can be found all around the home in washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, microwave ovens, irons, toasters, refrigerators and deep freezers.
Electronic sensors offer improved accuracy over electro-mechanical solutions and can be designed to perform over a wide range of temperatures and specifications.
Food service applications include food safety, and commercial cooking equipment.
Automotive applications include climate control, fuel level/temperature, coolant & engine temperature, and combustion controls.

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